Day 2 Reflection - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:07 am

3 words to describe today's experience
Reception, immersion &  experimentation. The host school gave a warm and resounding reception as we visited the school. Through the Korean Cultural Activities, we were immersed in the uniquely Korean culture. The science lesson carried out in the school were experiment-based and gave opportunities for us to better understand science concepts through experiments.

3 highlights of the day
Visiting Busan Science High School was an unforgettable experience as we went through many interesting  hands on science lessons. For example, we created a electromagnetic generator and sensor. The sensor was cool as it would light up remotely from the generator. The lessons taught me the real-life application of respective fields of science such as Biology, Physics and Engineering. Another impressionable experience would be experiencing the Korean culture through a workshop. The Korean workshop gave us an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Korean food, games and customs.

3 things I learnt about Korea
Korea is a very hospitable country and the Busan High School in particular did not spare a single effort in welcoming and introducing us to the school. For example, they organized a welcome ceremony and even a Korean musical perform to show their hospitality. Korean's eroding culture is worrying trend, this is especially felt by the older generation. With the world increasingly globalizing, many western culture has slowly infused into the local Korean culture. The instructor said that one of the primary aims of the workshop is to teach the younger generation about the Korean Practices as more of them are becoming oblivious to these practices. Korean Culture is very unique and emphasizes in passes if heritage from one generation to another. For example, the traditional costume for ladies are handmade by their mums and the ladies are in turn expected to do so for their children.

3 things I learnt about myself
I learnt that I'm able to manage physical discomforts. I was nursing a headache since the afternoon and have been able to survive so far. I've learnt to start conversations. I'm usually awkward when meeting new people. However, realized that my buddy was even more shy. Thus, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and consciously keep the conversation going. Due to my effort, the conversations were more fruitful.

3 things I did not do so well
I had a stomachache so it might have been due to consumption of uncooked food on Day 1. Hence, I need to be more conscious of hygiene. I think I'm still a little awkward, especially to my buddy. So I think I need to be less conservative and learn to be more open to new people.

3 things I look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to more lessons in Busan Science High School. After catching a glimpse of how interesting the lessons and activities are, I hope to continue to enjoy the fun lessons. I also look forward to visiting the Samsung Renault factory. Being one of top car makers globally, I hope find out what makes them one of the best and how they have or continue to adapt to new competition and challenges.

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