Day 3 Reflection - Roy Tay

Posted by Roy Tay at 9:51 pm

During these fey days at Busan Science High School, I attended several classes which has impacted the way I think and learn. Many of these classes shared common resemblance to the subjects we study in SST, though not exactly the same. This allowed us to put into use knowledge we learnt from SST and still learn more things. 


There were numerous occasions whereby the classes covered in Busan Science High School connected to the subjects taught back in SST. For example, the first class was the robotics class, where we were supposed to make an Arduino based frequency detector and output it visually using lights. It involved Arduino, and breadboards, which had me thinking back on what was taught during the ICT lessons back in the first 2 years of SST. It surprised me that ICT lessons from so long ago was still applicable to the robotics classes here in Busan Science High School. I also had to use knowledge from the FOE AS back in SST to wire the microphone, LED, and the Arduino together via the breadboard. 

During the geography class, we were tasked to measure the level of the ground by using a clinometer. We went to various spots around the school measuring the steepness of the slope. The experience was very similar to that of geography fieldwork back in SST. It may not be the exact same instruments we use in SST, but we definitely used the same methods to record data.

Through these experiences, they taught me that the subjects we learn are not separated and isolated and can be used concurrently in one interdisciplinary project.

During the classes, we were faced with challenges in completing the projects, even though we might have some prior knowledge in some aspects. 

For example, during the physics class yesterday, we were tasked to create a type of capacitor to generate EM waves, and building a detector to light up an LED bulb when an EM wave is detected. We have prior knowledge of capacitors due to FOE lessons, but during FOE, we have always used a capacitor in circuits but never built one. During the physics class, however, we had to build one and thus we faced numerous challenges. However, with the help of my buddy and the teacher, we managed to complete the project. It really extended my learning and understanding of the capacitor, being able to physically make one. 


My thoughts about learning has changed significantly through some classes.

Especially during the robotics class, my perspective of learning has changed. I have always thought that learning a subject means to sit through a class on the subject and memorising facts and equations. During my experience in the robotics class, however, I found that I could learn a subject not only by sitting through a class, but by experimenting by myself. We did not know how to wire the different parts at first, but after experimenting and testing, we finally completed it. This shows that we do not necessarily need to sit through a class to learn, but instead, I remember it more clearly by experimenting it myself. Also, often, multiple subjects can be involved concurrently, and thus we should not think of subjects as separate isolated subjects and instead consider them as a whole. This is evident from the fact that we needed knowledge from multiple subjects in the same project of building a sound frequency detector.

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