Day 3 Reflection - Yugan

Posted by Patchandi Yugan Kumar at 9:57 pm


What we learn during the lessons in Busan are quite similar to the lessons in Singapore. During the Arduino and drone lessons, BSS shows a lot of emphasis on computer science even saying that computer science especially drones will be part of our everyday lives in the future. Today I learnt about little C++, and my buddy told me that they were learning python in year 1 and Arduino programming in year 2. In SST, I am also given equal emphasis to computer science through computer science education in my Sec 1 and Sec 2 years, For example, Mr Jonathan Chua taught C++ and Python He also teaches us what is it used for.(For example, Raspberry Pi and interdisciplinary). Moreover, I used this knowledge in programming in my previous project reports(ISS) and so do the Busan students. Next was the Music lesson; I learnt that even in Busan they are focussing on a more holistic environment instead of just focussing on academics. Students in the music club learn more than 2 instruments which allow them to release their stress in academics. They also get the opportunity to go to competitions to have a more rewarding experience. In Singapore, I also get opportunities to go to compeitions and i will get a more enriching experience. In Chemistry, I learnt about a concept which is quite similar to a concept in Biotech(Bradford Assay which is the usage of UV spectrophotometry to find the concentration of proteins ). From this, I learnt that Singaporean and Busan scientific concepts are similar and are all interdisciplinary.

Extend your learning
During the chemistry lesson, we learnt about a concept similar to Bradford Assay. This lesson extended my learning because I found out of a difference between the lesson today and Bradford Assay.(For the correlation curve in finding the concentration of Bradford Assay, the graph will start at the origin( 0,0), however, I realised that the correlation curve in finding the concentration of Vitamin C, it did not start from the origin. I asked my buddy this and he said that this was because of experimental errors that we cannot avoid and that got me thinking about the graphs we used in Bradford assay.) During the experiment, I also found out that the lambdaMax for vitamin C and lambdaMax for DNA is the same. At first I thought it was because vitamin C and DNA are acids and thus they have the same lambdaMax. However after consulting with my group and my buddy I knew that it was because that the electrons were moving down the SPDF shells with the same difference and they have the same energy level difference. This extended my learning.  The lessons during the drone lessons also stated that they used e-drone to connect to their phones via Bluetooth. I only learnt about Anniken Andee which can connect via Bluetooth to our phones when I was in SG. However, from today I learnt about other applications which can connect to our phones and do more functions than what Anniken Andee can do.


During the lesson about Arduino, they used certain applications and software such as FFT(fast fourier transform). FFT was a bit difficult to understand as even my buddy did not know much about the coding changes in the programming, however, my buddy and I tried to use our limited knowledge of programming and a little of teacher's help to find the general meaning of the code. Through this, I still remember the general idea of the This challenged my thinking about how Singapore's education system could be changed, from young, the students are spoonfed with knowledge from the teachers. However, students easily forget this information. However, when students think properly and use teacher's help when needed, the information will be retained better in their minds. Hence they will understand the concepts easier and learn how to apply the concepts. The students in Busan are also involved in 2 clubs, a cultural club and an academics club. Hence they do not forget their culture and traditions but still prepare for the future academics. However, in Singapore, students are involved only in 1 CCA. If students could involve in cultural practices regularly(once a week), it would be beneficial to their lifetime as students now are more prone to neglect their culture and tradition. Hence this challenged my thinking about how Singaporeans can both excel in academics and still abide by their culture.

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