Day 1 Reflections

Posted by Cheryl Tan Cai Hui at 8:46 pm

Three words:

1) Amazing
2) Captivating
3) Educational

3 Highlights of the Day:

1) We went to the POSCO museum and factory tour allowed me to further understand how steel and iron are made. They also showed some technology in their process to make it more efficient, such as conveyor belt and FINEX. They even showed us their history of POSCO, where it proves that as long as someone is determined, anything is possible.

2) We also visited the Jakgalchi Market where we saw different live seafood moving about their tanks. It was an eye-opening experience as this would not be possible in Singapore, especially seeing some Korean people eating them live!

3) We enjoyed delicious Korean BBQ for our dinner and there was a whole variety of food. I like the food as we get to enjoy different ways to enjoy the food (courtesy of Mrs Jung), with me trying out different sauces and meats. Not forgetting cooking our own food!

3 Things Learnt from Korea:

1)  POSCO is the third largest manufacturer in the world for steel and iron and exports huge tonnes of steel to many countries in Asia.

2) Since 1910, Korea's economy had improved drastically by 5000 times in trade and developement! This shows that the steel industry had a huge impact on the economy in Korea, and made Korea a first-world country.

3) POSCO patented their new technology, FINEX, as it is the only company that uses this method to process iron ores to produce iron and steel, making their ores directly into metals that are able to be used for manufacturing.

3 Things Learnt about myself:

1) I actually enjoy the taste of spicy food, even though I cannot take them. An example is Kimchi, where at first I thought it would not be nice, but the delicious taste melted in my mouth and I truly wished I could eat more without drinking water with it, making the taste bland.

2) Even though Busan's weather was cold, I could still take it with my winter jacket and only 1 shirt. The temperature was about 4˚C, but with gloves and a winter jacket, it blocked out most of the cold, making my body a little warm.

3) I need something to write on when organising my thoughts and doing reflections especially on the bus and in between trips. One example is during the POSCO factory tour. The tour guide was saying many facts about the company. At first, I was just listening, but everything got jumbled up in my brain. Then, I just took out my notebook and wrote everything down so I could easily categorise them and list them down easily.

3 Things I did not do so well:

1) I could not really understand the English spoken by the guide, but I did not clarify with him. It could be I was not fully paying attention to him, which I should have, but when I did not understand, I could have asked him to repeat or explain further so I could understand.

2) I did not really wear enough layer, and even though I could still take the cold, I should wear more layers so I can protect myself better. I only wore two layers, and that was not enough to block the chill and cold temperature. I should have worn more inner layers so it would not feel so cold to me.

3) I did not drink enough water, in one day only drinking 500ml from my water bottle. It could be I was afraid of being urgent during the long bus journey, but I should have drink more water to keep myself hydrated and healthy. If not, I would not be able to fully learn and enjoy in the learning trip to Busan.

3 Things I look forward to tomorrow:

1) Meeting with my buddy. When I reached Busan Science High School, I would be meeting my buddy. I would like to get to know more about him/her, and their lifestyle in Busan.

2) Trying on the Hanbok and playing traditional games. It would be an eye-opening experience as I get to further understand Korean culture and get to know more about Korea. Hopefully, I can get to know more about the history of Korea and widen my experience.

3) Being in classes in the High School. They are widely known for their Science and Technology, so it would really help me as it is very close to SST. Hopefully, I will get to know new things about Science and Technology so it can improve the learning experience.

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