Day 3 Reflections - Sophia Miyuki

Posted by Sophia Miyuki (松岡美雪) at 10:34 pm


Today through all the lessons such as robotics, drone, regular and chemistry classes I learnt that, we need to be open minded. Even though there are some things that we have learnt before, we need to keep an open mind and listen to the different ways other people may do it. It is not all about us.
For example, during today's chemistry class, we did UV light spectrophotometry, which was almost the exact same thing we did in Biotechnology.


Through the drone class, it has extended my learning in sst. I learnt that information can be found anywhere online. "In the near future, drones will be everywhere whether we like it or not" living in the 21st century and coming from a science and technology school, we should encourage people to embrace technology and learn how to maximize its usage. We learnt basic arduino in lower secondary ICT classes but today in drone class and robot class we learnt to see the greater uses of the arduino.
Robot class

Yugan trying to fly the drone

For example, during today's regular class I went to physics. In which they talked about a simple pendulum and the students themselves were presenting to the class their findings. Although we have performed that experiment during physics lab sessions, we still need to keep an open mind and see how and listen To the way they went through to get their findings. This way, we can all learn from each other...

Challenge your thinking

I thought about how we can actually start teaching each other. I heard that in Busan science highschool there are study groups where the seniors help juniors with homework or other questions. This way it helps to create a more family feel to the school and it also let's the seniors strengthen their knowledge and helps the juniors with their learning. There was a difference in the way the students interacted with their teachers, they were very responsive in class, unlike us students from SST, despite all the efforts the teachers have tried to get us talking.

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