Day 4 reflection - Javier Yeo

Posted by Javier Yeo at 6:35 pm

2 words to describe today's experiences

Relaxing, informational

2 highlights of the day

In the morning, we walked to a beach nearby the hotel. We had a lot of fun chasing seagulls and trying to avoid the waves. We have never seen seagulls before and there were a lot of them. We took many picture there too. It was really nice to start the day of relaxing at the beach. After we said goodbye to our buddies, we went to the Bulguksa grotto and the Seokgulam temple. We trekked up the mountain to to grotto where a huge stone Buddha state was there. Then we took a short bus ride to the Seokgulam temple which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The tree where yellow and red and I made the temple very beautiful. In the temple there were two pagodas with one temple where we saw people praying to a gold Buddha statue. Our tour guide, Mr Brian, explained much of the history and the things people do in the temple like when people donate to the temple, they get to hang a card on a lotus flower for the deceased.

2 things I learnt about korea

I learnt that in Korea, 30℅ of the people are Buddhists 30℅ of the people are Christian and 30℅ of the people believe in confucianism. I also learnt that in the Seokgulam temple, they have a devoted space to train monks but without speaking. This means that Koreans are appreciating their culture and there were many parent bringing their children to the temple meaning that the culture is going  to be passed on to the next generation.

2 things I learnt about myself

I learnt that i really had fun spending time with my friends and I hope to spend more time with them, after the trip. I really think this is really helping with my social skills and how to uses them , which really comes in handy when making friends and maintaining and strengthening bonds.  That I could be more open to people from other religions like how the Buddhists are open to people from other religions. I guess this means I would nee to try to be better at thinking from other people's points of view and how I could implement that to understand them better.

2 things I could have done better

I could have brought my note book withe to take down note on what Mr Brian was talking to us about the temples and the culture. I could do this by making my note book more noticeable by putting my notebook to the front of my bag instead of at the back of the bag where I usually put it so that I will be reminded to bring my notebook. I could have paid better attention to the presentations that the buddies and some of the students gave us this morning. I could do this by taking small notes on a piece of paper or my note book to keep up my attention and also help be backtrack information when needed.

2 things I look forward to tomorrow.

I really hope to learn as much as I can from the Busan science museum since our teachers have told us many good things about it and how it has so much more than our science centre. I also want to see my parents again and have a good night sleep at home.

How did you connect with those learning experiences

In SST, we only started to learnt about electrolysis very recently and we only learnt about using it purification of metal, and we did not learn how it works exactly. So it was nice to learn about how electrolysis can be used other than  the production of metal and how it can help the environment.

How did the learning experiences extend on the learning in SST?

In SST we learn how electromagnetic waves work but we do not go into deeper detail on what more they can do. Today, we learnt that radio waves can be detected using a adjusted antenna. This results can be used to detect if there is a solar storm happening as the solar storm will disrupt the radio waves and cause a spike in the results. So it is nice to learn how the radio waves can be used in other ways other than just radio.

How did the learning experiences challenge your learning?

When Mr Brian said that Buddhists are very generous, more generous than other religions like Christians and Muslims, I was quite shocked. I thought that Christians were really generous, being one myself. In my Chruch, we organise activities to help needy people like packing and giving them packs of foods and helping to pray for them, among other activities and I would see this as very generous but I guess this is can be seen from different points of view and I should accept them.

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