Day 2 Reflections - Janice Tan

Posted by Janice Tan Sze Hui at 10:29 pm

1) 3 words to describe today’s experiences

Today's experiences were enlightening as I learnt some physics, which I do not take in school (more description below). They also involved creativity, especially when doing the Rolling Ball activity, where we had to make a structure which is aimed at letting the marbles stay on the track for the longest period of time. It was enjoyable, as I got to try out many new activities such as the science experiments, wearing a hanbok and some new food for the first time.
2) 3 highlights of the day
The physics experiment was regarding electromagnetic waves and how to produce it using a circuit consisting of aluminium foil, wires and a piezo electric element. During the physics class, I was also taught how to detect the electromagnetic waves, by using a circuit which has a container with aluminium foil stuck to it while connecting it to batteries and a diode. If there are electromagnetic waves, the diode will light up, however if there isn't, it won't light up. The diode lighting up was also affected by the area the balls of aluminium foil placed inside the container took up. When there are more balls, there is a greater area, leading to less resistance, so if there is an electromagnetic wave as well, the diode will light up and vice versa.

The hanbok wearing and traditional hanbok wearing mannerisms was a new experience for me. I had never worn a hanbok before, so the session was especially memorable for me as I got to experience part of the Korean culture. Moreover, we learnt how to bow to show respect to our elders and how to tie the ribbons on our hanboks, which is not that simple. After the mannerisms lesson, we got to experience making mochi and tasting it. The mochi tasted great and savoury, it would be even better if it had not been raining so we could pound the dough and make it more chewy.

The session at the invention class was quite hard to follow as we did not really understand the teacher, but thankfully with the help of our buddy who explained what was happening, we were able to follow the correct steps and create a cool invention which was able to light up when placed near a coil. It was a highlight as we were lost initially, but we overcame it and built the new and cool invention.
3) 3 things I've learnt about Korea I have discovered that the Korean people used to wear hanboks more often in the past, and it is a traditional costume worn by both men and women. There are also standard mannerisms to follow while wearing a hanbok which I did not know about before.
The Korean students were very warm, welcoming and studious. Even at night, they were still looking energetic while teaching us lessons.
I have learnt that some of the experienced Korean elders are trying to impart their knowledge to the younger generation, so that an important part of their culture is not lost.
4) 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself I have understood that I will tend to pay less attention when I am weary and cannot take in information as readily as I can when I am not tired.
I have understood that I need to clarify my doubts when I do not quite understand the explanations which are given out, as it may be very confusing at times due to the language barrier between us.
I have learnt that I need to be more confident. Before I entered the school, I was unsure if I would be able to interact with my Korean buddy well, and was feeling a little apprehensive. Thankfully, we were able to hit it off quickly.
5) 3 things you didn’t do so well I could have been more energetic during the lessons so that I can take in more information. I will be more well-rested instead. Some of the activities were so engaging that I did not pay attention to what the teachers were saying and was engrossed in my work instead. I should do the right things at the right times. I can work on taking down the key points first, instead of trying to write everything down in time as that is not possible, this is so that I will be able to keep the key points in mind while recalling all the details and filling it up in my notebook afterwards.

6) 3 things you look forward to tomorrow I hope to spend more time with my buddy by going through the classes and lessons with her as we did not get to spend much time together today. I hope to be even more attentive than today and get to learn as much as I can from the different classes in Busan High as well as at Samsung Renault Motors. I am anticipating the lessons in Busan High tomorrow as it will be rather different from those in SST and today's lessons have been very intriguing.

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