Day 2 Reflections - Yugan

Posted by Patchandi Yugan Kumar at 10:43 pm

3 words to describe today's experience


3 highlights of the day

My first highlight of the day is going to the innovative lab as part of a lesson and making the mini wireless power transmission device.  I learnt a lot of new physics concepts especially about magnetic flux and more about current. We used a total of a few coils(the first outer coil, the second inner coil and the receiver coil). I learnt that in the 2nd coil, the current oscillates up and down. I also learnt more about flux from my temporary buddy in Korea for that class and from Raviraj. It was really enriching as it was not the normal syllabus that we were learning during that class but it was really understandable and the lecturer was really funny and explained the concepts clearly when I was in doubt. I felt accomplished when I completed the transmission device.  My second highlight of the day is going to meeting my buddy in Busan Science High School. During that section, I learnt more about Korea and more about her. She told me more about the Busan Science High School(for example, there is only building only catered to science experimental labs)
My third highlight would be indulging in the cultural practices. For example, wearing the Hanbok and how to have appropriate manners when meeting someone important or for special occasions. It was a unique experience to cut up rice cakes battered with peanut and wearing the hanbok. Moreover, we played the cultural games which gave me an insight to Korea's culture.

3 things I have learnt about myself.

I love indulging in other cultures and trying out new things in order to gain a new experience. The hanbok wearing exercise and learning the formalities proved to be an engaging experience as I learnt more about Korea's cultural practises. I really enjoyed that section of the journey today. I also learnt that I like meeting new people and making friends. When I met my buddy in Korea, I learnt that I have forgotten the joy of meeting new people and making friends. No matter how awkward I am when meeting up with new people,  I will not forget the joy I have when I meet other people. I also learnt that I have a deep interest in learning out-of-syllabus topics like the ones we went through today( electromagnetic detection and how electromagetic waves are formed from a circuit). It sparked the interest in me that there are so much things that I do not know of as previously I was only engrossed in my textbook topics and not anything that was out of syllabus. It was an eye opener for me.

3 things I've learnt about Korea

They have a deep respect for their culture and tradition, conforming to the formalities, for example, Mr Brian told us that he has been practising the formal bow since he was 7 years old! Moreover the instructer told us that they have been organising these lectures to prevent Koreans from forgetting their customs. It got me thinking of any events or lectures done to prevent Singaporeans from forgetting their different cultures. They also hold traditional korean drum practises in schools. I have also learnt that Busan students are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones. From the promotional video and what I have seen today, busan students embrace failure and use that as a stepping stone for success. I hope this will be a inspiration to me when I go back to Singapore. I also learnt that the school system is quite different from Singapore's school system. However from today I have learnt that the content that Korean students are taught are not very different from that of Singapore students(for example agarose gel electrophoresis). I also heard of the early graduation and I started to wonder why there was no early graduation in Singapore.

3 things I didn't do so well

I didn't get to know much about my new friend from Busan. It was because I was too shy to ask her about Korea and Busan Science High school. I also did not get to learn that much and achieve the key takeaways from the infinite lab as I was too engrossed in building the rolling ball machine and did not understand why we are building it and what does it signify. Moreover, I was not so productive in the bus and slept for most of the time.

3 things I look forward tomorrow
I look forward to visit city office of education and ask them some questions about Korea's education system. I also look forward to samsung Reno motors and find out what makes them so unique form other companies and what technologies they use. I also want to spend more time with my buddy during these lessons to learn more about these lessons and also more about my buddy. 

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