Day 1 Reflection - Nicholas

Posted by Nicholas Soon Rui Jie at 4:14 pm

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
Today was firstly, cool, because the weather was very cold and at the same time there were a lot of activities and tours we will not find in Singapore. Also, it is interesting and insightful because in the tours that we went on, they were something unusual to us and we learnt more on these industries such as the steel industry (POSCO) and how they processed the raw materials into the final steel sheets.

  1. 3 highlights of the day
Some of the highlights of the day included the tour inside the factory where they created the 6mm steel sheets, eating my first meal in Korea at the spicy barbecue chicken restaurant, and going to the Jagalchi Market. Although the factory tour was very noisy, it was something all of us had probably never seen before and we got a glimpse as to how they can produce thin sheets of steel from something very large. The meal at the restaurant was also a highlight as it was my first ever meal in Korea and I got a look into the culture of Korea and found out they really liked spicy food, which was something I personally could not take too much of. The Jagalchi market was something unique as I had never seen so many sea creatures in tanks before, and it was something that was really cool.

  1. 3 things you’ve learnt about Korea
I learnt that Korea’s industry is heavily reliant on POSCO to manufacture cars, ships, etc, as well as export, since steel is such an important resource for manufacturing. The distance between many locations are far away (such as POSCO, Busan city and our hotel). Korea also does not have enough people with creative minds and are in need of new innovations to be sustainable (according to the tour guide), so they are getting people such as those from Busan High School to step up and find something innovative to do.

  1. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
I become more hungry when the temperature is very low, possibly because I have to release a lot of heat. I sort of need to get off a social media device once in a while and this is a good time to do so especially in the bus, where we had the time to think of our project and our reflection, but I can also ‘tahan’ the cold quite alright (on the first day)

  1. 3 things you didn’t do so well
I did not do enough note taking on some points that could have been helpful to the report to be done later, and I could have probably paid more attention and tried to write faster so I could have more stuff to ponder on and have more considerations that could have been already thought of. I also did not ask questions to answer whatever queries and doubts I had, and I can either ask all questions on the spot so I won't forget, or perhaps list down all questions I have throughout the journey and ask them later. Last but not least, I was feeling tired and drowsy throughout the day because of not enough rest, and dozed off occasionally.

  1. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow I look forward to meeting my new buddy as I would then know and be able to interact with someone from a different culture but in the same age group. I would also like to see how their CCAs/activities are held and what type of activities there are to do, and see what they do even when the temperature is very low. Last but not least, I would like to know how to attend a traditional event and dress appropriately, as I am usually very casual and not too bothered on dressing too formally or up to the occasion.

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