Day 3 Reflections - 11 Nov

Posted by Varsha at 10:36 pm

Connect your learning
The chemistry lesson was the most exciting lesson today. We were supposed to determine the concentration (parts per million, ppm) of an unknown solution using an UV Vis spectrophotometer. This instrument measures which wavelength is absorbed and what is the absorbance of a solution. We used a 4g of a drink, vita-500, diluted with 1 litre of distilled water. By Measuring the absorbance of a 5, 10, 20 ppm of vitamin C, we can plot a graph of absorbance of solution against the concentration. Using the absorbance of the unknown solution as the y-value, we are able to find the concentration as the x-value. The teacher was very kind and pointed out our errors, and also suggested some improvements. However our group's experiment did not proceed successfully as I think we might have lost accuracy when handling the solutions. But still I was able to apply practical skills that I learnt in SST and also the concept behind the absorbance of the solutions. I was able to connect back to my learning in SST and realised that learning is the same worldwide. 

Extend your existing learning 
I was able to attend the physics lesson today. The Busan students were going through circular motion and centripetal force as a revision for the final examinations. At first I got pretty bored as the teacher was talking in the Korean language and all the slides were in Korean too. But I realised that I have learnt this back in SST for the physics olympiad. I started paying more attention to the lesson and my buddy explained the background information about it. The most helpful part was that the formulas and diagrams were in english, which helped me to understand easier. My buddy also explained some scientific concepts behind it. This learning extends beyond my usual school learning, and would be extremely useful in the future. I hope that I am able to go through these type of experiences where I am able to learn more information outside of syllabus.

What challenged you
During the sound equalizer lesson in Busan Science High School, we were tasked to build a sound equalizer using a arduino uno board, some wires, a audio sensor and 3 LED stripes. As the instructions were in Korean, it was very hard to follow just using the picture. I was kind of confused as the teacher only explained in Korean. Also my buddy had little experience in this particular topic. This challenged me as I am not experienced in this, especially the coding part. This was out of my comfort zone and challenged me as my buddy and me tried to figure out the coding part. However we were unable to complete it due to time restraint. But still I was able to learn more about how amplitude and frequency of a sound affects its volume. I would like to try out more of these things and pick up new skills. New things are able to push me to my limits and open up my mind more.

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