Day 4 Relfections - Sophia Miyuki

Posted by Sophia Miyuki (松岡美雪) at 10:34 pm

2 words

  1. Saddening (but still exciting because we will be seeing the buddies in January)
  2. Breath-taking

2 highlights

  1. The time with our buddies was one of the best, we got to spend some time to talk to them, exchange gifts and share our uniquely Singaporean food. It's always sad when a good trip comes to an end, likewise as this GCP is almost over, we'll always be sad, but it always feels good to be back to home sweet home.
    Me and My buddy after the Gift exchange
  2. The Visit to the Bulguksa temple was breath-taking, the different shades of red, orange, yellow and some green was just picturesque, the photos really don't do it any justice. There we learnt from Mr.Brian more facts about Korea, such as how it is mainly Buddhism and how at the temple, there were these hanging lotuses which one could write wishes to ask of the gods, by paying a small amount of money.
    The spectacular autumn colours

2 things learnt about Korea

  1. About 30% Koreans are Buddist and about 30% believe in Confucianism.
  2. Korea, Busan has very vibrant autumn colours!

2 things learnt about yourself

  1. I learnt that despite sleeping quite late the day before and waking up only 10 minutes before 6.30am, both me and my roommate were able to get ready and be down at the breakfast place by 6.30am. We have good prioritising skills, for example, I brought my toothbrush and toothpaste along and a comb so that we could report for breakfast on time and then go to the toilet to do the necessary.
  2. The water chestnut at the base of the small mountain we visited was different from the usual water chestnuts. It came with the shell and was harder than what I was used to, but nevertheless, they were still tasty. I am really thankful for Mr. Brian for buying the water chestnuts for us.

2 things you didn't do so well

  1. I didn't sleep on the bus, however, I did not use the time to the best of my ability. We spent most of the time talking about what had happened in the previous place or talked about the scenery instead of doing reflections.
  2. We didn't ask many questions during the Q&A sections of the presentations, the Busan staff, teachers and students could have interpreted that wrongly and thought that we were uninterested in what they presented.

2 things you look forward to tomorrow

  1. I am looking forward to the Science Centre tomorrow, I really feel that it would be very interesting. Having been to the Singapore Science Centre quite a few times, I would like to see how the Busan Science Centre is like.
  2. Also, I am looking forward to the Busan National Science Museum Observatory. We got a glimpse of what it would be like when we visited the dome observatory 
  • The presentation by the last Busan student, on the infinitely spinning top piqued my attention. I had seen a levitating top before on Facebook, but I had never really thought to go and investigate it. I read a bit and learnt that it had something to do with magnets, and realized that it was kind of connected to the topic of forces that we learnt about. In forces, when an object is in equilibrium, it means that the opposite forces are equal. Today's presentation showed how the infinitely spinning top, could spin 'forever' because of the electromagnetic field which kept giving it a "kick" so that the forces were not balanced and the top would continue spinning.  
  • Through Varsha's Presentation on Bio-rocks, I expanded from what I heard in Science TDP from Mr. Tan Hoe Teck when he was talking about the GCP which was about making bio-rocks. I then realized that it was almost the same thing, except Varsha's project was more down-scaled and it seems more relatable as a student. I realized that Ms Ng talked about electrolysis and taught us about reactivity of metals hence copper is the least reactive and brass is the most reactive. Hence the outcome where brass ionises more to attract and help grow more corals. While Ms Ng talked about electrolysis, she didn't go on to explain it because there was no time and it was a sec4 topic. Through this, I managed to extend my knowledge on the chemistry topic of electrolysis
  • Something that challenged my thinking was when we visited the UNESCO world heritage site, bulguksa temple, I realised that no matter how advanced South Korea is in terms of technology, they still hold true to their roots, they treasure their culture. I believe Singapore should follow suit, when we make advancements, we must stay humble and remember our roots and preserve the culture. It challenged my thinking in the sense that students here are able to do well academically yet still follow tradition and not get sucked into the world of studying like many Singaporean students.

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