Day 3 Reflection - Cheryl Tan

Posted by Cheryl Tan Cai Hui at 10:13 pm

Today, we had different classes during the day after the visit to the Samsung Renault Motors at Busan High School. We had robot and drones, where we learnt to use Arduino programming to program a sound equaliser, which is a mechanism which uses LEDs that lights up at different frequencies, to create a colourful design. Arduino programming was also used to fly a drone, which has a Bluetooth sensor, gyro sensor and 'The Brain', which controls the drone. This allowed us to learn more about the drone algorithm and realise the importance of IT in the real world.

Next, we had Mathematics and Chemistry lessons where I revised about matrices and learnt about the spectrophotometer and the usage of it. During the Maths lessons, my buddy brought us back to their own classrooms for us to experience how one lesson is at Busan High. It was an interesting experience as I get to see how they live their everyday life in Busan High and to see how their class is like. Amazingly, their class size is only 20 of them, 6 less than SST!

In overall, I learnt many new topics during the day, especially during the Maths and Robot lessons. I realised how similar the lessons were in Singapore and Busan. For the Robot lessons, we used Arduino to the program, which was taught during out ICT lesson in Sec 1 and 2. It was a great experience and what was taught was quite similar. Using the Arduino program on the computer, we would download the program and watch the lights. In SST, we also had a similar lesson where we learned how to program. For the Maths lesson, they were going through topics that have been taught in SST, Matrices. During the lesson, the thing that really extended my learning was that their questions involved many Maths topics and it really shows how just a question can be interrelated, not only subjects. An example was that a Matrices question could include Coordinate Geometry, Quadratic Equations and Simultaneous Equations. After seeing this question, it really excites and challenges me to solve the question, the same feeling whenever I am faced with a challenging question. It was a new way of maths question and I had to try to think differently to see how each topic can be used to solve the question. It was a fun and challenging process as I realise Mathematics can be used in so many ways and after solving the question with my prior knowledge, I felt accomplished and feel driven to solve more of these type of questions to really widen my learning process of Mathematics.

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