Day 3 Reflection - Shanice

Posted by Shanice Tang at 10:47 pm

Connect: During the chemistry class today, we learnt about the spectrophotometer and finding the concentration of vitamin C in two different drinks, 500 and Green Grape Juice, by plotting a curve, which is somehow linear, using the absorbance values of solutions with known concentration. I was able to understand the lesson as it is very similar to what I had learn in Biotechnology back in SST. Since the two lessons were similar, we could apply the same concept we learnt in Biotechnology into the chemistry lesson we had with the Korean buddies.

Extend: During the robot class, we learnt about Arduino and the breadboard. Before the lesson, I knew a bit about Arduino and the breadboard because of ICT lessons in Sec 1 & 2. The robot lesson allowed me to learn more complicated programming using Arduino and extends my knowledge about Arduino. We had learn how to make the LED lights light up according to frequencies of sounds which was really cool and mesmerising to watch, I think I was nearly hypnotised by the rainbow light.

Challenge: During the separate lessons, I had Earth Science (aka Geography) with my buddy. I always thought that Geography had very simple fieldwork like measuring relative humidity using a sling psychrometer or measuring wind speed using the anemometer. However, after today, I had experienced fieldwork that is actually more complicated mostly because I didn't understand what was going on. We went out of class to the slope beside the field to measure the strike and depth of the ground. I had fun and at the same time learnt more about Earth Science that I have not learnt yet.

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