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Day 4 Reflection - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:10 am

2 words to describe today's experience
Good-bye & hellos. We said good-bye to our buddies in Busan High and hello to picturesque sites in Gyeonjoo.

2 highlights of the day
The first "lowlight" was the closing ceremony. I personally was reluctant to leave my buddy after interacting and growing closer to our buddies. We forged a new friendship through participating all the activities and I was a bit sad to see my friend go. However, the day turned for the better. We visited the UNESCO world heritage site and it was an eye opener as I understood the significance of Buddhism in the culture of Korea.

2 things I learnt about Korea
Buddhism is a critical part of Korean history.  In the past, many Koreans who believe in Buddhism, have set up sites to honor their God. The sites being opened to tourists and given UNESCO further show the huge part that Buddhism has played in Korea.
Korea has a clean environment for humans and organisms to live together. For example, the Busan  beach was filled with many sea gulls. This implies that the country is able to keep the environment clean and safe for seagulls to thrive.

2 things I learnt about myself
I learnt to try new things even though I many have prejudices about it. For example, I do not enjoy eating fish due to its fishy smell. However, since lunch was purely fish and had no choice but to consume the fish or go hungry. I tried the fish and it turned out to be delicious. I learnt to cope with heat. Even though the temperature was low, I still perspired and had to survive with two outer layers. I had to wear on the two layer because we were walking from E-mart and my hands were full of groceries, therefore I tolerated the discomfort and persevered to the end.

2 things I did not do so well
I think that what did not go so well was us not utilizing free time to do fruitful work. For example, while we were traveling from place to place on the bus, we were attracted to our phones doing other unproductively stuff and chit chat. We should have better used the time to do reflections instead of wasting the time.

2 things I look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to visiting National Science Museum. After getting a glimpse of the applications of science in Busan Science High, I am really exciting to explore and learn the applications of science at a national level. Although I would miss the learning journey during this trip, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I'm kind of looking forward to ending this trip on high note by making the most of the last day.

Connect, Extend, Challenge
Today, we visited the Bulguksa Temple. During the visit, we saw many statues made of granite. This reminded me of old statues outside Parliament House in Singapore which is made of marble and looked "old". I was surprised to be told that the statues in the temple was made of granite and they looked newer than the Singapore statues although they were much older than those in Singapore. This challenged my thinking of architecture. This expanded my knowledge as I learnt that marble, a conventional material was actually less lasting compared to granite, which is seldom used. This showed me that unconventional materials can construct architecture that is of better design, strength and efficiency. This challenged me to try out different methods when doing something instead of using conventional means as the different method may turn out better.


Day 3 Reflections - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:08 am

Connect, Extend & Challenge

During the drone lesson, we were enlightened by the lecturer about the possible future of drones. This reminded me of drones which help improve service efficiency back in Singapore. For example, in Timbre @ The Substation, a live music bar and restaurant, drones transport food from the kitchen to a drop-off area where the staff pick up the order and take it to the respective tables. Hence, drones can play a huge role of our lives in the near future. Before getting our hands on the test drones, we were given a glimpse of coding used in the test drones. The new knowledge added on to my current knowledge of basic coding learnt during ICT lessons in SST. Lastly, we were challenged to make the drone fly. With no foreknowledge of how to make a drone lift off from the ground, we had to try and try again (and ensure the drone did not crash into and hurt anyone). After many failed attempts, we successfully lifted the drone off the floor ... only for it to fall back down again.

During the Mathematics lesson, we learnt about geometric shapes in 3D graphs. This was more in depth knowledge compared to content we learnt in Math in SST, such as topics like coordinate geometry, trigonometry and 2D graphs. The math question incorporated other elements such as finding the maximum and minimum size of a shadow when a light source was placed. This deepened my thinking as I had to take into account the different factors when calculating for the answer. Lastly, I was challenged as I had not learnt concepts that involved 3D diagrams and replicas of objects on the same axis. Hence, I had to learn along the concepts along way as I tried to attempt the tricky question.


Day 2 Reflection - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:07 am

3 words to describe today's experience
Reception, immersion &  experimentation. The host school gave a warm and resounding reception as we visited the school. Through the Korean Cultural Activities, we were immersed in the uniquely Korean culture. The science lesson carried out in the school were experiment-based and gave opportunities for us to better understand science concepts through experiments.

3 highlights of the day
Visiting Busan Science High School was an unforgettable experience as we went through many interesting  hands on science lessons. For example, we created a electromagnetic generator and sensor. The sensor was cool as it would light up remotely from the generator. The lessons taught me the real-life application of respective fields of science such as Biology, Physics and Engineering. Another impressionable experience would be experiencing the Korean culture through a workshop. The Korean workshop gave us an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Korean food, games and customs.

3 things I learnt about Korea
Korea is a very hospitable country and the Busan High School in particular did not spare a single effort in welcoming and introducing us to the school. For example, they organized a welcome ceremony and even a Korean musical perform to show their hospitality. Korean's eroding culture is worrying trend, this is especially felt by the older generation. With the world increasingly globalizing, many western culture has slowly infused into the local Korean culture. The instructor said that one of the primary aims of the workshop is to teach the younger generation about the Korean Practices as more of them are becoming oblivious to these practices. Korean Culture is very unique and emphasizes in passes if heritage from one generation to another. For example, the traditional costume for ladies are handmade by their mums and the ladies are in turn expected to do so for their children.

3 things I learnt about myself
I learnt that I'm able to manage physical discomforts. I was nursing a headache since the afternoon and have been able to survive so far. I've learnt to start conversations. I'm usually awkward when meeting new people. However, realized that my buddy was even more shy. Thus, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and consciously keep the conversation going. Due to my effort, the conversations were more fruitful.

3 things I did not do so well
I had a stomachache so it might have been due to consumption of uncooked food on Day 1. Hence, I need to be more conscious of hygiene. I think I'm still a little awkward, especially to my buddy. So I think I need to be less conservative and learn to be more open to new people.

3 things I look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to more lessons in Busan Science High School. After catching a glimpse of how interesting the lessons and activities are, I hope to continue to enjoy the fun lessons. I also look forward to visiting the Samsung Renault factory. Being one of top car makers globally, I hope find out what makes them one of the best and how they have or continue to adapt to new competition and challenges.

chen ning

12th November Day 4 Reflections - Chiu Chen Ning

Posted by Chiu Chen Ning at 2:11 am

  1. 2 words to describe today's experiences
Meaningful and eye-opening.

  1. 2 highlights of the day
I enjoyed the informative research presentations conducted during the farewell ceremony in Busan Science High School, as they gave new insight into the wide range of possible topics to investigate. The presentations given ranged from coral-growth technologies to robotics, covering many of the sciences in the process. I also enjoyed the visit to Gyeongju province, where we had the chance to visit many historical landmarks important to Korean history. These visits deepened my understanding of Korea's rich cultural history.

  1. 2 things you have learnt about Korea
I learnt that the students in Busan Science High School are very dedicated to their research projects, as seen from their passionate presentations. From their detailed explanations of new concepts to us and enthusiastic response to our questions, I could sense that the students were eager to share the work they had done. Additionally, I saw that Koreans are proud of their cultural history, as seen by their efforts to maintain and upkeep their surroundings while inside the temple. Some historical monuments are designated as UNESCO world heritage sites, reflecting the high regard Koreans give to their history.

  1. 2 things you have learnt about yourself
In my opinion, I feel that I have successfully forged a strong bond with my Busan Science High School buddy throughout these 3 days of interactions. Through this, I have gained fresh new perspectives on student life in other countries and how knowledge can be conveyed in the classroom. Also, I was asked to present on my research project during the closing ceremony. Through this experience, I have learned techniques to conduct an engaging presentation as well as how to respond to criticism without sounding rude or impolite.

  1. 2 things you didn't do so well
I feel that during the visit to Gyeongju province, I was too engrossed in admiring the scenery and taking pictures that I had forgotten about the trip's objectives of technology and industry in Busan. Thus, I did not visit these places of interest in the right frame of mind. As the trip draws to a close, I would like to keep my research scope and trip objectives in mind as I visit the final places of interest in order to gather relevant information. Also, I failed to notice the language barrier between myself and the students in Busan Science High School As such, my presentation included terms that may have been too complicated for them to understand. I will be mindful of my target audience's needs and limitations in future hosting sessions and presentations.

  1. 2 things you look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to tomorrow's trip to Busan National Museum and Busan Science Centre, where I hope to inquire more into the history of Busan and how it has influenced the city's current approach to the sciences and technology. I also look forward to the trip back to Singapore, where we can consolidate our learning throughout these 5 days in Busan. We can then use this information gathered and apply this to real-life problems in Singapore, ending this trip on a high note.

Through the research project presentations given during the farewell ceremony at Busan Science High School, some of the project content made use of previous knowledge already taught in SST lessons. For example, the Bio-Rock technology presentation utilised some basic metal ion chemical reactions that we had learned in SST but applied them to serve a different purpose of accelerating coral growth. Thus, the presentations allowed me to make connections to prior subject knowledge but apply them to real-life scenarios.

The research project presentations in Busan Science High School also extended upon information I had already gathered in SST lessons. An example of this was a presentation on the perpetual spinning top, which utilised electromagnets to wirelessly supply spinning forces to the top. Since we had already learnt about the electromagnets in Secondary 2 physics, this presentation extended my understanding of electromagnets and the various properties they exhibit on magnetic materials nearby.

The overall trip to Gyeongju province challenged the way I associated technological advancement with a country's heritage. Initially, I thought that the more technologically-enabled a country became, it would begin to lose its connection with its cultural heritage. The many monuments I saw within Gyeongju province made me realise that Busan did not lose its cultural heritage despite its efforts to become a 'smart' city. Thus, I found that with careful management, a country can progress in the technological age without sacrificing its rich cultural history.


Day 4 Reflections-Yugan

Posted by Patchandi Yugan Kumar at 1:57 am

1) 2 words to describe today's experience


2) 2 highlights

We went to Bulguksa Grotto which is an UNESCO site and we saw the various coloured trees which were mesmerising. Firstly, we climbed some steps and went to look at a Buddist temple. My expectation was a human sized statue. However what I saw in that temple was multiple times larger than a human. It was also very comforting to see many people praying as they still respect their religion even though Busan is a very scientific and industrialised city. Many people like Mr Brian also respect one another's religion. I think this is important for understanding and empathy which is important for a more multi-religious society. Mr Brian also explained about Buddism which made me understand about Buddism and also I now show more respect to it. I also would like to know why Bulguksa Grotto is an UNESCO site. The 2nd highlight is the unforgettable gift-giving, goodbye sessions and project presentation. It was quite difficult to say goodbye to my friends in BSS as we have developed a strong bond to one another. My friends and I exchanged gifts and said our goodbyes. We promised to keep in contact via facebook. But I knew that this interaction via facebook would be quite rare as my friends rarely have time off from their studies and sleep to interact with me via facebook. Then from the slide presentations, I learnt more about the calibre of students' presentations and more about how they learnt lead them to their project. This made me think of how to incorporate what I've learnt to my project reports.

3) 2 things I learnt about Korea

Koreans Have a deep respect to cultures and a multireligious society
Even with some technological advancements and scientific improvements Koreans still practise their religion and show great respect to it. Koreans are still going to these temples and haven't demolished these meaningful temples to build more labs and improve their scientific field even further. Non-buddists also come to this temple to understand Buddism and hence build stronger bonds with fellow Koreans.

They are very hospitable, BSS students were giving gifts and making sure that SST students were having an enjoyable time in BSS even though they have exams really near. My buddy had a biology test at 8pm yesterday and still gave her all to make sure I got to my lessons in time. BSS also made their way to give some special souvenirs to us. The busan students also gave gifts to us even though they were hosting us and we were the ones who need to give them the gifts. They care about us a lot to the extent that they offer us gifts

4) 2 things I've learnt about myself

I think I will love international friends as they came from different backgrounds and different countries so we could bond really well and we could learn about each other's countries and backgrounds. I also love that we can learn from our differences and also have more empathy to one another.

I also think I  spending time with my friends. During the bus ride, we talked about ghost stories and we shopped at e-mart and I had a really enjoyable time. This trip would not be so great without friends. This trip both served as an educational trip and a bonding moment for us friends.

5) 2 things I didnt do so well

- 1 thing I didn't do so well was to make even more friends in Busan, as I could learn more about their lifestyle and clubs as well as their hobbies and more about them. It would be also my pleasure to introduce them to my CCA and more about me.

- Another thing I didn't do was to take enough pictures when we reached the peak as we were rushing through going up and down the mountain. The scenery was really appealing to me as the mountains had yellow trees and it looked like a sea of gold. I could have gotten more photos about the different coloured trees.

6) 2 things I look forward to tmr

Busan science centre- I look forward to this because there are hand on experiments and I would like to know what is different from SSC(singapore science centre) and BSC. I would also like to like to know what they include in BSC and how this can help me in my report.

Busan Science national Museum-I would like to know how Busan has scientifically improved over the years and whats the reason for this improvement. I would also like to know how Korea in a whole has used this scientific improvement to their advantage.

I learnt more about electromagnetic repulsion which causes a top to spin clockwise or anticlockwise and the top will always accelerate. I learnt about electromagnets in SST S2. This connected my thinking of electromagnets to electromagnetic repulsion thus caused to me link how they used electromagnetism in their research projects.

I learnt more about solar storms  through Chen Ning's presentation. I learnt about electromagnetic
waves in S3 and Chen Ning's presentation mentioned that solar storms will release waves of every wavelength and this causes ionosphere to have a higher concentration fo ions in the layer. I was unsure about what caused this and I learnt that the electromagnetic waves causes gases to ionize and I did not learn this in my class so I was intrigued by this.

From today's presentation slides, I learnt that I can learn more through my peer's project reports and even out of syllabus materials can be quite easy to me. Initially I thought that the most effective way of learning was by the teacher as he/she knew the content really well but when we did the projects or when we listened to others' projects, we can learn more easily.

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