Day 3 Reflections - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:08 am

Connect, Extend & Challenge

During the drone lesson, we were enlightened by the lecturer about the possible future of drones. This reminded me of drones which help improve service efficiency back in Singapore. For example, in Timbre @ The Substation, a live music bar and restaurant, drones transport food from the kitchen to a drop-off area where the staff pick up the order and take it to the respective tables. Hence, drones can play a huge role of our lives in the near future. Before getting our hands on the test drones, we were given a glimpse of coding used in the test drones. The new knowledge added on to my current knowledge of basic coding learnt during ICT lessons in SST. Lastly, we were challenged to make the drone fly. With no foreknowledge of how to make a drone lift off from the ground, we had to try and try again (and ensure the drone did not crash into and hurt anyone). After many failed attempts, we successfully lifted the drone off the floor ... only for it to fall back down again.

During the Mathematics lesson, we learnt about geometric shapes in 3D graphs. This was more in depth knowledge compared to content we learnt in Math in SST, such as topics like coordinate geometry, trigonometry and 2D graphs. The math question incorporated other elements such as finding the maximum and minimum size of a shadow when a light source was placed. This deepened my thinking as I had to take into account the different factors when calculating for the answer. Lastly, I was challenged as I had not learnt concepts that involved 3D diagrams and replicas of objects on the same axis. Hence, I had to learn along the concepts along way as I tried to attempt the tricky question.

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