Day 4 Reflection - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 8:10 am

2 words to describe today's experience
Good-bye & hellos. We said good-bye to our buddies in Busan High and hello to picturesque sites in Gyeonjoo.

2 highlights of the day
The first "lowlight" was the closing ceremony. I personally was reluctant to leave my buddy after interacting and growing closer to our buddies. We forged a new friendship through participating all the activities and I was a bit sad to see my friend go. However, the day turned for the better. We visited the UNESCO world heritage site and it was an eye opener as I understood the significance of Buddhism in the culture of Korea.

2 things I learnt about Korea
Buddhism is a critical part of Korean history.  In the past, many Koreans who believe in Buddhism, have set up sites to honor their God. The sites being opened to tourists and given UNESCO further show the huge part that Buddhism has played in Korea.
Korea has a clean environment for humans and organisms to live together. For example, the Busan  beach was filled with many sea gulls. This implies that the country is able to keep the environment clean and safe for seagulls to thrive.

2 things I learnt about myself
I learnt to try new things even though I many have prejudices about it. For example, I do not enjoy eating fish due to its fishy smell. However, since lunch was purely fish and had no choice but to consume the fish or go hungry. I tried the fish and it turned out to be delicious. I learnt to cope with heat. Even though the temperature was low, I still perspired and had to survive with two outer layers. I had to wear on the two layer because we were walking from E-mart and my hands were full of groceries, therefore I tolerated the discomfort and persevered to the end.

2 things I did not do so well
I think that what did not go so well was us not utilizing free time to do fruitful work. For example, while we were traveling from place to place on the bus, we were attracted to our phones doing other unproductively stuff and chit chat. We should have better used the time to do reflections instead of wasting the time.

2 things I look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to visiting National Science Museum. After getting a glimpse of the applications of science in Busan Science High, I am really exciting to explore and learn the applications of science at a national level. Although I would miss the learning journey during this trip, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I'm kind of looking forward to ending this trip on high note by making the most of the last day.

Connect, Extend, Challenge
Today, we visited the Bulguksa Temple. During the visit, we saw many statues made of granite. This reminded me of old statues outside Parliament House in Singapore which is made of marble and looked "old". I was surprised to be told that the statues in the temple was made of granite and they looked newer than the Singapore statues although they were much older than those in Singapore. This challenged my thinking of architecture. This expanded my knowledge as I learnt that marble, a conventional material was actually less lasting compared to granite, which is seldom used. This showed me that unconventional materials can construct architecture that is of better design, strength and efficiency. This challenged me to try out different methods when doing something instead of using conventional means as the different method may turn out better.

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