Posted by Patchandi Yugan Kumar at 6:33 pm

How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

-I feel a bit nervous going to Busan because of the new culture and new food.

3 things that I am looking forward to

The new learning experience and architecture of Busan buildings, scenery and how they are different from Singapore. It will be a new experience for me to view Busan and their bustling lifestyle. I am also looking forward to meeting new friends from Busan Science High School. I would like to learn more about them. I am also looking forward to the new food and culture in South Korea.

3 things that I hope to learn from South Korea

I hope to learn more about why they are the top country with the best internet connection. I also want to learn about the differences between Singapore and South Korea and the reasons for these differences. Moreover, I want to learn about South Korea's port and their culture and traditions.

3 things that I hope to learn from my friends

I want to learn How they manage their time juggling their schoolwork and lifestyle. Moreover, I want to learn how long they spend their time in school and how they use technology in their schools.

3 things I hope to learn about myself

-How I fare in a new environment
-How I cope in a new school for a few lessons
-How I can able to make new friends with the students in Busan

3 challenges I give to myself

- make this trip a truly enjoyable and memorable one
- be courageous and try the new cuisine and culture
- make new friends in Busan and keep in contact even after the trip

Expectations of Korea

A more tech savvy country than SG however still upholds to their traditions
Cold weather
Bustling lifestyle

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