Pre trip Reflections - Raviraj Talgeri

Posted by Raviraj Talgeri at 6:11 pm

1) How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

I feel privileged to be going for such a trip, as such opportunities are very rare and special. I feel this way because going overseas is something I do usually annually, and that being on a school trip would be like once in a few years. Furthermore, this is a Level 3 trip with many tasks that need to be completed; thus this is an opportunity that is literally once in a life-time. Hence, I feel privileged.

2) 3 things I am looking forward to

1) The cold weather and conditions at high latitude. I have always wanted to visit a region with the marine-west climate, so I feel privileged to visit such a place. Also, the environment (i.e. temperate forests) is also something I wanted to experience, hence I am going to get a very good chance in Busan.
2) Seeing the various Korean places. Not only for the experience, but also for the project, I look forward to visiting the places and absorbing as much knowledge as I can obtain.
3) Meeting my Korean Busan Science High School buddy; I want to learn more about Korean culture, and this would be easily done so through meeting my Korean buddy.

3) 3 things I am hoping to learn from Busan/ South Korea

1) How the life in South Korea is different than that from Singapore. I have researched that the South Korean cost of living is lower than Singapore, which is what I want to truly see. Also, South Korea seems to have a much cooler and more temperate climate, from which I hope to learn about some of the geography of South Korea.
2) The diverse Korean technological innovations. Korea is said to be very much ahead of Singapore in terms of technology, evident by its enterprises such as POSCO and Renault Samsung Motors. I hope to truly learn what drives South Korea in making such technological developments.
3) How Singapore can improve upon its architecture. By looking at the architectural innovations of South Korea, I will be able to learn and apply them to Singapore's architecture, something I wish to learn.

4) 3 things I am hoping to learn from my friends

I hope to learn what their interests are; by doing so, I will be better able to bond with them, improving and increasing the productivity of the time spent in Busan. I want to learn how they communicate; by learning their style of speaking, I will be able to converse with them better and speed up the work done. I also want to learn what their strong points are; this would the team to work productively on each of their strong points.

    5) 3 things I am hoping to learn about myself

    How well I can speak; by conversing with the locals of Busan, my Busan buddy, and my friends, I will be able to find out exactly how well I can speak, allowing me to improve on my vocal skills if necessary. I want to see how well I can execute the project; by producing a good piece of work, I will be able to by satisfied with mine and my friend's work, something I hope to achieve. I also want to see how well I can bond with my friends and buddy.

    6) 3 challenges I give to myself

    Converse a lot with my friends and the Koreans. Being a quiet person, I do not speak openly very often, hence I challenge myself to converse more with my Korean buddies. I also want to complete the project with good success, as I hope to make this trip a very productive one. I also want to bond  well with my friends and buddy, which I hope to achieve via the activities and visiting of the different places.

    7) What are my expectations of Korea

    I think South Korea would have better architecture, transport and mainly better technology than Singapore, as it is very much ahead in terms of technology. South Korea is also renowned for having a polite community, something I anticipate very much through this visit.

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