Day 3 Reflection - Nicholas

Posted by Nicholas Soon Rui Jie at 10:03 pm

  1. 3 words to describe today’s experiences
    Today was fascinating, intriguing and accomplished.
    We got a look at how the cars were produced in the assembly plant and we saw how the cars were formed from Stage 0 to the final stage at the Renault-Samsung Car Factory. Since there are no carmakers in Singapore, this was a first for me to see how cars were made and I also learnt a bit of the history of Renault-Samsung and I found out many different things found in cars and how they are powered. In the chemistry lesson, we used science in real life applications, such as the experiment today of checking if the nutrition label on the product was legitimate and ‘real’. At the same time, we also used different apparatus not usually used in the subjects I take, and only in biotechnology. This resulted in me having the chance to try out the other subjects available in SST indirectly, such as biology and biotechnology. With all these new knowledge, I am able to expand my knowledge about what I have already learnt. For example: we did the chemistry experiment and found out about the reliability of nutrition labels, as well as learning how to use mirco-pipettes, micro-burettes, etc. With all this knowledge, I am able to be more prepared for next year as well and I may be able to be better at SPA and chemistry experiments. A challenge I managed to overcome was to pay more attention today and take down more relevant notes by drinking coffee, rather than feeling sleepy and wanting to doze off. Also, in the chemistry lesson, our group managed to get the most accurate results among everyone else, which was something I feel proud and feel accomplished for.
  2. 3 highlights of the day
    We went to the Renault-Samsung museum and factory, where we saw the cars being manufactured and assembled. The cars were produced step by step with the machines putting all the parts of the car together. The assembly line was very long but we got a glimpse of what each member of the production line had to do and how they all came out together in the end. We also found out how the design of the car was important and where the different parts of the car had to be reinforced to ensure maximum safety so that in a car crash, the crash would not be so serious. We also found out how the V6 engine worked, with it being that fuel is being combusted, producing forces to push the pistons inside the engine, and then moving the shaft to power the wheels and make it move.
    We then went for a normal math lesson that the students normally went for. Although it was normal, it was definitely a higher level for the SST students there since they were 1 grade older than us. However, previous knowledge learnt in SST was applied such as trigonometry and plotting of graphs. Put together, we learnt 3D graphs. In the lesson, we learnt how to put a 3D diagram such that we know what is the minimum and maximum area of the shadow that was cast on a surface below (down on the y-z axis). This was something new for us and it was quite cool, although it was really really difficult to understand within the given 50 minutes. Although it was challenging to learn all these new concepts, I am glad I did not give up and did my best to solve the questions.
    Last but not least, we went for the chemistry lesson, where we were supposed to find out the amount of Vitamin C in each drink in ppm (mg/L). We used the spectrophotometer to find out the ‘transparency’ of the drink and find out the amount of Vitamin C in the drink. There were many experiences in the process, such as using the micro-burette, micro-pipette, and different techniques to extract the different substances and find out in the end how accurate the nutrition label on the drinks bottle was. In the end, our group was the most accurate, and I was really happy because we had done something I had not tried before well, not to forget my buddy who was helping my group from start to end. Overall, the chemistry lesson was very cool and interesting, and it was challenging since biotechnology skills were used, although I was not taking it, so I am really happy I did well for the experiment.
  3. 3 things you’ve learnt about Korea
    Renault-Samsung is more of a luxury car and produces fewer cars than companies such as Kia or Hyundai. Despite the fact that they produce fewer cars, they remain competitive by incorporating the different aspects of Renault and Samsung motors previously to form a better company and sales have increased since the buyover of Samsung Motors by Renault. There have not been any labour disputes since the establishment of Renault Samsung since 2000 and no industrial action was taken against them before as well.
    Their education system was something like Singapore’s which is a bit sad because this part is not the good part of our education system. Top schools like RI and HCI take in students who are only good in their clubs or sports, and their scores may not be acceptable, but are kept in the school because they can win awards for the school. Busan High School is something like that, where the bottom 20% have to be very good in their clubs to remain in the school and not be despised or kicked out. This is something I do not feel is good, but things are the way they are, and they should give more support for them to catch up with their peers.
    The youths in Korea are also up to their times, and there are a lot of trendy stuff, such as ‘webtoons’ and the normal kpop. They use the search engine ‘Naver’ to look for information and other stuff that are unique to South Korea. These information are special and usually are not found in Google. However, Google is not dominating South Korea yet as Naver are leading and is the main search engine in Korea. Nevertheless, they still use Facebook to talk with their overseas friends and watch videos.
  4. 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself
    I learnt that I am not entirely accustomed to the Korean food yet, and my stomach does not feel really good after today. It is probably due to the rich taste of the foods here, and I am usually used to food with milder tastes. Moreover, much of the food has a very rich mix of tastes, such as kimchi being spicy and salty at the same time, so I am not too used to it.
    I am not the best with electronics and although the students from Busan may not have taken the courses before, they are still good and aware of how to do the modules, so I feel they are actually better than me and maybe some of us. Therefore, I should do my best that when I go back to Singapore to do my best in the subjects I take and do well for them.
    Lastly, I realised I should do more to relax when I can so I will not feel too stressed during the school term. After going through the drones lesson, I realised I spent a little too much time on focussing on my studies, and I should rest and relax at the appropriate time. Therefore, having a balanced lifestyle is important.
  5. 3 things you didn’t do so well
    I did not eat as much as I wanted to, but I should not gorge myself as I should let my stomach get accustomed to the food slowly.
    I was not loud-spoken enough and I need to speak up and be more confident of myself.
    I did not ask enough questions in the Renault-Samsung Museum as I was not able to fully understand everything happening there.
6. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
I am looking forward to going to the Bulguksa Temple, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it is a World Heritage Site, it definitely must have a significant past behind it and I really want to go there and see what is behind why this title was given to it.
I would also like to see the scenery around Busan and how nice the place is in autumn. I think the place must be really nice since the trees’ leaves are all orange and brown already, so I think that it must be a really nice place to look around and learn about the culture.
Lastly, I am NOT looking forward to having to say goodbye to my buddy tomorrow. It was a really fun, exciting and definitely rewarding past few days in Busan and the Busan Science High School. In the long run, I am looking forward to hosting the students again next year.

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