Day 2 Reflections - Shanice

Posted by Shanice Tang at 11:07 pm

3 words to describe today's experiences
- fun
- enriching
- tasty

3 highlights of the day
- Lessons with buddy. We have three different subjects of lessons (Physics, Biology, Invention) I enjoyed the Invention class the most as the teacher was really funny and cool. He kept repeating the same 'magic trick' about electromagnetic waves. It was really enjoyable also because our buddy for that lesson was really funny and cool.

- Hanbok wearing @ Choongryeoolsa. We got to try out the Korean traditional costume and it was really awesome as I love to try different traditional costumes apart from the chinese cheong-sam that I usually wear during Chinese new year.

- Infinite lab. We got to build a rolling ball board and see whose ball took the longest time to reach the bottom and my group mate, Sophia, and I had a timing of 47s. Which was pretty impressive and expected to us as we did not really had proper planning and just went straight to making the rolling ball.

3 things you've learnt about Korea
- Korea's traditional costume is called Hanbok. The girls' costume sleeves are different colour as the costumes are work since they were young and their parents had to extend the sleeves overtime and cause the sleeves to be rainbow coloured. The guys have to wear hats that are called yugan to show that they are scholars.

- Most Koreans know how to play the drums as they watch this performance called the Nanta Show. It is a show where the performers play drums loudly. As I was watching the performance, the drums were so loud that it made my heart beat along with the rhythm of the the drums.

- They have interesting teachers who are engaging and fun. Although their english is poor, they still try their best to make sure all of us understand and learn.

3 things you've learnt about yourself
- I enjoy eating korean mochi. They are made out of probably rice flour and coated with soy bean powder after they are cooked. Initially, they planned to take us outdoors and pound the dough, but unfortunately, it was raining and so we couldn't get to fund the dough. I was a bit disappointed but still got to the the mochi which were very delicious.

3 things you didn't do so well
- I was awkward in having a conversation with my buddy. This means that I have poor social skills and I should learn how to be more sociable.

- I nearly fell asleep during the 'tea' ceremony. I was disappointed that there was no tea though :( But anyway, I was so sleepy and my eyelids were heavy. In the end, I did the bow wrongly.

- During the physics lessons with my buddy, I was feeling very sleepy, and struggled to stay awake, resulting in being unable to focus and I didn't understand what was going on.

3 things you look forward to tomorrow
- Samsung reno motors. Since I am a Samsung phone user, I would definitely love to visit Samsung Reno motors to see things about Samsung and also learn their information.

- Robot lab. I used to be in robotics back in primary school and have not touched a single NXT robot in 3 years. Of course I would look forward to having robot lab with my buddy.

- Special dinner @ beef restaurant. Mmmm..... who doesn't love beef? I well it's definitely not me. I am a huge meat eater and do not really like vegetables, and my favourite meat is beef. Since I have heard the Koreans love beef, why not try their their beef and see whether or not it is worth travelling to Korea just to eat beef? My mouth is watering now... Totally looking forward to this dinner.

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