Day 2 Reflections - Sophia Miyuki

Posted by Sophia Miyuki (松岡美雪) at 11:58 pm

  1. 3 words to describe today's experiences
    1. Friendly/ welcoming/ helpful
    2. Interesting
    3. Cultural
  1. 3 highlights of the day
    1. The welcome ceremony by Busan Science Highschool. They were warm and friendly, as we walked up the platform, every clapped and they all seemed cheery. Almost all of them were smiling and even though they had fewer people than SST, the atmosphere was still quite happy and their cheers were loud.
      Me and My main buddy, Han Yumi
    2. The lab sessions were extremely engaging. (Physics, Biology & Invention) For Physics, the topic was Electromagnetic Waves. In pairs, we made an electromagnetic generator AND detector that lights up when there are electromagnetic waves passing through the air.
      The generator
      For Biology, we did Gel electrophoresis and DNA extraction!(In pairs) It was a good thing our group of 4 all took biotech so we were quite familiar with the processes.
      Our Table group
      Here's the Gel after 20min in 125V 

      For Invention class, we each made a "magic trick" device, which is actually based on science, physics. The teacher was wacky, in a good sense, and he was very lively. In the picture below, the coil with the red LED light has no battery to light up the LED, yet the LED is lit, how? Through electromagnetic induction from the coil below, so whenever the ring with the red light gets close to the coil beneath it, it will be able to light up.
      The magic
      Overall, I would really like to thank the buddies for the individual classes and the teachers who spent their time to prepare and teach us. It was very interesting and the fact that we got to take our artefacts back made it even more memorable.
    3. When we visited Choongryeolsa and we learnt how to 拜(pronounced 'peh' in korean, meaning to bow) The interesting thing was that it was different for ladies and men. Also we got to do all the bowing while wearing the traditional costume! 
      The 6 girls from left to right: Varsha, Cheryl, Sammi, Janice, Sophia, Shanice
  1. 3 things you've learnt about Korea
    1. Busan Science Highschool students are very friendly and welcoming, they were never grumpy, or sleepy, or unhappy around us.
    2. Korean culture of wearing the hanbok is unique, there are different way to bow for men and women, there are different ways to tie the hanbok
    3. Students in Busan Science Highschool have their meals served to them differently from Singapore. It's like buffet style, where they can eat as much as they want.
  1. 3 things you've learnt about yourself
    1. I can get along better than expected with the korean buddies, even though there might be the language barrier.
    2. There is no way one can cheat sleep. I slept a bit late last night because I couldn't sleep, and today, on the bus rides I slept the whole way through.
    3. I learnt to work well in a team with my roommate, in the fab lab where we had to work together within a given amount of time. In the end, our timing for the whole process from the first ball to start moving till the last ball to stop moving was about 47s!
      Our chain reaction class work
  1. 3 things you didn't do so well
    1. I kept falling asleep on bus rides and was not able to wake up before we got off.
    2. I did not interact a lot with all my buddies, I will try and talk more to them about meaningful things, and not when the teacher is talking.
    3. As a whole, we were late, especially for breakfast. Tomorrow I will knock on my friend's door to help see if their awake because today they over slept. 
  1. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
    1. Visit Samsung Reno-motors
    2. Visit the city office of education and meet the superintendent
    3. Have more lessons with my buddy, today's lessons were very interesting and memorable.

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