Daily Reflections - 9 Nov

Posted by Varsha at 8:21 pm

3 words to describe today's experience

1. Captivating
2. Discovery
3. Change

3 Highlights of the day
1. Arriving at busan after a long and tiring flight, getting adjusted to the climate here, and admiring the streets and scenery of Busan and the bridges, even though we only passed through it. 
2. Getting to taste Korean food
3.  The visit to the POSCO factory was especially enriching, as I was able to see concepts learnt in chemistry (blast furnace and extraction of metals) being applied in real life. Even though we did not alight the bus and walk around, I was able to understand the different parts of the factory with the help of our guide and the guide at the museum

3 Things you have learnt about Korea
1. South Korea, especially Busan is a well developed city, with the world's largest port and shipping and trade industry, providing development to the country's econmy
2. Korea's largest steel manufacturer, Pohang Iron and Steel Corporation (POSCO) has contributed to the country's economic by increasing it by 5000 times since the 1960s
3. POSCO has patented the method Finex Technology. This next-generation eco-friendly iron making process allow the direct use of cheap iron ore fines and non-coking coal as feedstock.

3 things you have learnt about yourself 
1. I need to organise my thoughts properly in order to take notes
2. I need to pack my things so that I would not get cold easily
3. I liked Korean food even though I thought I would not like them at first

3 things you did not do so well
1. I was not able to understand some of the English spoken by the 
2. I was not able to take concise and clear notes, as I was not able to organise them accordingly
3. I get distracted easily by other things which causes me to stop paying at

3 things you look forward to tomorrow
1. I look forward to visiting Busan Science High School as I have heard a lot about it and I would like to experience the school and its lessons in real. I would also like to discover more about the school's facilities such as the telescope.
2. I would like to meet my buddy. I hope to learn more about the school, its approach to lessons, and other extracurricular activities that they conduct it their school, directly from her. I would also like to find out about her life in Busan, he thoughts about Busan and South Korea, and lastly what would her expectations about Singapore are. 
3. I look forward to the lessons that we would be experiencing in Busan Science High, as I would like to know how lessons are conducted, and type of lessons they are (visual, hands-on, audio)

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