Day 2 Reflection - Raviraj Talgeri

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3 words to describe today's experiences:
Educational, cultural and complex.

3 highlights of the day:
One of the highlights was the invention class. Here, we learnt about creating a mini wireless magnetic induction device. What this was is a circuit to induce a magnetic field in the secondary coil, that would be amplified by the primary coil. A changing magnetic field in the coils would then induce a current in the receiving coil, that would cause a light emitting device to light up. This was very interesting as the science behind this was more complicated than we thought, hence making todays experience complicated. We learnt a lot of new scientific concepts through this thus making the learning both educational and complex.
The cultural session of wearing "Hanbok", a traditional South Korean costume, learning and trying the traditional greeting style and making and eating the peanut-battered rice cake was very unique. This is because we got the opportunity to learn new tradition and also the peanut-battered rice-cake was very delicious. This was thus a cultural experience.
Finally, the ball-drop activity, where we had to do to make a series of ramps and flaps for 6 marbles to pass through, was very interesting as we had to think differently and have both depth and breadth if we were to make an elaborate series. Although we were not completely able to complete it due to time constraints, my friend and I were still able to include many unique components to the final design. Overall, I found that this activity taught me to think differently rather than using the linear approach of making simple ramps.

3 things you've learnt about Korea:
I have learnt that in Korean culture, there is intricate detail in all of its traditional practices, from giving a respectful bow, to wearing the traditional Hanbok costume. The traditional confectioneries, such as the peanut powder-battered rice cake was also extremely delicious, evident by the fact that my friends and I could not stop eating once we started.
I have also learnt that the studies here is very thorough and competitive, especially in Busan Science High School, which I had inferred from the talks with my buddy; my buddy told be about how they have to get up at 0840 and study till 2030 every weekday, showing how gruelling the studies here is. To add on, the students being like-minded in terms of their persistence, are very competitive, making it even harder to keep up with the studies. I think Busan Science School students have the drive to work hard and strive for success, both due to their own disposition and the efforts of all the school teachers.
I have also learnt that Korea has a diverse variety of musical instruments, from traditional drum-like instruments to brass-plated percussion instruments. The traditional music, as shown by the students, is also very energetic and brings out the outgoing nature of the students who played it. I think this sort of music is very vibrant and cheerful and keeps the crowd engaged.

3 things you've learnt about yourself:
Honestly, I had expected myself to not like cultural music as much as I actually did today; I say this because I am usually not fond of listening to such music, but after todays performances of "Nanta" and that by the band of students, I have started to really appreciate this sort of music.
I have also realised my questioning skills have improved. During the class activities such as that in the biology, physics and the inventive class, that include the agarose gel electrophoresis with DNA extraction, transmitting and receiving of electromagnetic waves and the making of the magnetic induction devices, I kept asking questions about things I did not understand, which helped me understand what was being taught better.
I also learnt that I have the capability to think critically, 1 of the 10 Cs of SST. This is because in a activities such as the ball-drop challenge I had done with my friend in the "Fab Lab", we had to come up with various methods of figuring out how to decrease the time taken for the marbles to completely stop, and to do so had to think up contraptions on-the-spot.

3 things you did not do so well:
I feel that I over-stressed my teammate in certain activities as I took them too seriously. One very prominent one was the "ball-drop" activity at the "Fab Lab"; during the building of the ramps and contraptions, unknown to me, I had become very serious in terms of what was needed to be done, when in contrast the activity was meant to be a fun and light one. I think I should be more mindful and take such activities more lightly from now on
I also feel that I did not take enough photos, as I was too engrossed in the activities. This hindered my project as I had lesser data collected today as compared to the previous day. I hope to do better in the following days.
I also did not focus on the project as much as I should have been doing, as these 6 days very precious and I should spend all 6 days productively. I hope to do better on the following days.

3 things you look forward to tomorrow:
I am very interested to meet the Superintendent Mr Seok-joon Kim, as I would like to learn more about the education system here in Busan as compared to that of Singapore's.
Going to Samsung Renault Motors, as it would be of great help to my project in learning about the efficiency of the production line of this enterprise. Singapore, being a small island nation with limited land and thus limited Foreign Direct Investment, it has to maximise space usage efficiency, and they could do so by learning about how the big industries such as Samsung Renault motors conduct their business with the greatest temporal and spacial efficiency.
Thirdly, I have been very curious to see how the classes here in Busan Science High School function on a daily basis, and hence I look forward to the lesson observation with my buddy.

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