Day 1 Reflections - Roy Tay

Posted by Roy Tay at 11:28 pm

3 words to describe today's experiences
1. learning. 
2. enriching. 
3. captivating. 
The learning today was achieved especially in the POSCO museum, something we would never experience from a textbook or an online video.

3 highlights of the day
The highlights consists of arriving in Busan, where we would finally experience the weather we had been preparing for, and stepping out of our comfort zone. Visiting the POSCO museum, especially where we were able to see for ourselves how iron is processed, was a truly memorable learning opportunity, and was another highlight for me. Finally, the visit to the Jagalchi Market enabled me to understand the ways of lives and the culture of the people of Busan by experiencing the unique ways they market seafood. 

3 things you've learnt about Korea
I learnt that Korea is a country that values respect. For example, they would bow whenever they greet us. However most of the time, I would respond in English as I would forget the equivalent in the Korean language and it might result in them thinking that we do not respect their language and culture. The people in Korea are also warm and welcoming, especially the tour guide, who was very friendly and helped us when we needed it. Finally I learnt that Korea is heavily dependent on the steel industry, especially since the industry is the major reason Korea is where it is today in terms of economic growth. 

3 things I learnt about myself
I learnt that I am able to eat spicy food, including the Korean kimchi. I also learnt that I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone, especially when experiencing this cold weather, and finally, I learnt that I can actually cook, especially during the meals where we were supposed to barbecue our own food for our dinner. 

3 things I didn't do so well
At the beginning, I watched movies during the plane journey and sacrificed sleep, which could have affected my performance and focus during the day. I also tried some of the spicy food was a little too spicy. Finally I did not manage to catch all that was explained during the POSCO visit because I was unable to take down notes quickly enough and it might have resulted in me missing out in some knowledge. 

3 things I look forward to tomorrow
I look forward to visiting the Busan Science High School and engaging in the programs there. I also look forward to meeting my buddy and making new friends. Finally I am also looking forward to the tea ceremony so that I could gain further understandings on the Korean culture. 

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