Day 2 reflections - Javier Yeo

Posted by Javier Yeo at 9:33 pm

1) 3 words to describe today’s experiences

Fun,  captivating, exciting

2) 3 highlights of the day
The  hanbok wearing and Korean manners class was very interesting. We learnt how to properly bow and we made glutinous rice cake which we really enjoyed eating. We also dressed up in traditional hanbok and learn how to properly wear them. This was new to most of us as we have never experienced Korean culture like this. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know my buddy, Jeong Yeon Soo and the other Korean students. They have a lot more clubs and facilities than SST like the deck for the samunoli band. The samunoli band was amazing. You could feel the beat of the instrument. We have never seen the instruments like the one used in samunoli before so it was very interesting and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the fab lab when we made the marble maze with the goal for the marble race that lasted the longest time. We came up with many ideas and made them. This was actually quite similar to the projects we have in SST so we could apply the skills like brainstorming and designing to make the maze.

3) 3 things you’ve learnt about Korea

I learnt that the younger generation of Korea are losing touch with their culture. I have also learnt that there are people like Mr Moon Im Hoon trying to teach the younger generation the culture so that can stay in touch with their roots. I have also learnt that the pounded rice cakes are a traditional and yet popular snack among Koreans. Through all this Korea is trying to get the younger generation back in touch with their culture and will most likely succeed.

4) 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself

I learnt that I needed to get more sleep. At a few points during the trip, i felt like wanting to sleep. This caused to lose attention when the speaker was talking. In the morning, I even felt sickly. So today night I will try to find ways of making myself more comfortable and get a better night's sleep. I also learnt that my communication between new friends and I have improved more than I have previously thought. So I will talk to my friend and the Korean students buddies more. I learnt that I have much more to learnt about the Korean culture than I thought and I will be looking out for that

5) 3 things you didn’t do so well

I can pay attention to the speaker more  and not doze off. I can also try to eat more off the dishes and expand my palate so that I can experience more of the Korean cuisine. I can also try to take down notes faster so I can have more to reflect on other than just memory

6) 3 things you look forward to tomorrow

I am looking forward to trying more of the Korean cuisine and trying new types of Korean dishes. I am also looking forward to the Samsung motor factory as my project is based on the MRT breakdown and I hope to find new ways of making the MRT engines more efficient. Finally, I will be looking forward to spending more time with my friends and especially my Korean buddy as we did not have much time to get to know each other.

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