Day 3 reflections - Javier Yeo

Posted by Javier Yeo at 9:14 pm

1) How did you connect with those learning experiences

We connected with the learning by doing many hands on work. This let us more easily see how the concepts taught are used. In the drone class, we had more insight in knowing that knowing how to work the drones will be important in the future when drones will be a part of our lives. Also in the math class, the teacher gave us a chance to show our learning by writing our answers to the question that the teacher let us solve on the black board. This is quote similar to the way some teachers teach in SST and really helped us to learn how to do the question. We also use a UV spectrometer to measure what is the concentration of vitamin C in a drink. I did this similarly in SST where we measured the concentration of proteins and DNA using the UV spectrometer. SO we could apply the skills we learnt in SST and apply it here in Busan science high school

2) How did the learning experiences extend on the learning in SST

 We were taught many things in the classes. We were taught how to wire and use the arduino to make lights shine with the music and how electromagnetic waves work. We learnt coding in SST in Sec 1 and sec 2 but it was only the basic coding. But we learn how to use the coding to show how how loud different frequencies of sound waves are and lighting lengths of LEDs accordingly. This let us learn more about coding and using the arduino in addition to the things we learnt in SST. In yesterdays physics class, we learnt about electromagnetic wave and we made a electromagnetic wave generator and a detector. This built upon on what we learnt on electromagnetic waves in SST and improved on our circuit building skills in sec 1 and sec 2.

3) How did the learning experiences challenge your learning

In SST, we are used to doing work with our friend and having not that many concepts in one questions. But here in Korea, the students study alone and in one question, there can  be many different concepts. This way of learning was really new to me and I needed help from the Korean buddy to solve the question. So we are so used to having so much help when needed and so we need to be more independent in our studies but still get help from the friends and teachers when needed. The Korean students also only use the computer in class and are not allowed to use their phones, yet they do so well without the constant help from technology. I feel that we could learn from the Korean students and try to control our use of our technology and pay better attention in class.

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