Day 4 Reflections - Roy Tay

Posted by Roy Tay at 11:54 pm

2 words to describe today's experiences
The heritage sites were enchanting, being among colourful trees and comfortable weather. However we had to bid farewell with our buddies we spent so much time with at Busan Science High School and it made me very reluctant to leave.

2 highlights of the day
A highlight of today, was definitely the visit to the Seokgulam temple. It was such an unforgettable experience. The trees were coloured in a gradient of yellow and red, and the weather was not too cold. Although we had a very limited time there and there was a distance to trek, I enjoyed myself immensely in the comfort of the picturesque scenery.

Another highlight of today was the visit to the e-mart at the end of the day. I found myself enjoying exploring aisles and buying things with my friends. 1 hour was simply not enough time for us. In the end, we walked back to the hotel carrying many large paper bags and cardboard boxes. It was tiring, but the thought that this was a rare experience to visit a supermarket freely with my friends overseas made it all worth it.

2 things you've leant about Korea
Today, I learned that Korea also values the conservation of heritage sites. This is evident from the Seokgulam temple and the Bulgulksa temple, UNESCO heritage sites. While we were there, we encounted several structures that looked like they were in a new condition. However, we were later told that the structures, to our surprise, we built from over 1500 years ago. This made me realise that the Koreans value the conservation of heritage sites in order to preserve the culture of Korea.

I also learned that Korean people are not only warm and welcoming, but also value friendships. After our gift exchange in Busan Science High School, we had to leave due to our tight schedule. As we were boarding the bus, our buddies crowded the area outside the bus and were waving at us while the bus were driving off. It showed that they genuinely wanted to make friends with us and were reluctant to see us go.

2 things you've learnt about yourself
I learned that I have a passion for photography today. At the heritage sites, upon seeing all the colourful trees, I found myself constantly snapping pictures of the scenery. I realise that I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with my friends.

Today, I also found that I really enjoy spending time with my friends. At the e-mart today, I realised that I enjoy shopping and exploring the place with my friends. I found myself buying many things, which would definitely not happen if I was there by myself.

2 things you didn't do so well
Today my roommate and I did not wake up to my alarm and slept through the wake up call and almost held up the group. Luckily, we did not cause too much of a delay. I think that in future, I could set multiple alarms so that if I miss an alarm, I could still wake up to another alarm, or adjust the alarm to an earlier time.

Today, I also did not manage to take down notes at the temples as I was so mesmerised by the scenery around and forgot not bring my notebook. As a result, I might have missed out on some knowledge about the beritage sites. In future I could be more careful in checking whether I have brought all the things I need.

2 things you look forward to tomorrow
Tomorrow, I look forward to visiting the Busan National Science Museum and exploring the various exhibits. I hope to gain more knowledge on the different aspects of science. I also look forward to visiting the observatory as this is a rare experience.

I also look forward to the various experiments we would carry out tomorrow at the Busan National Science Museum. Carrying out experiments is one of the methods that would allow me to learn the most, and so I believe that through the experiments, I would be able to learn a lot more than a classroom situation.

Today, during the presentations, we learnt the methods to make a top that spins infinitely. It makes use of electromagnets to spin the top, which we had prior knowledge as we have learnt electromagnets in physics classes back in SST.

However, there was some aspects of the setup that I did not understand. They made use of a reed switch in their set up, something I have not learned back in SST. However, through the presentation, I learnt that the reed switch is actually a switch that is activated by magnetic fields. This truly extended on my understanding on my topic and the possibilities of these electronics.

Through the presentations, it changed my thinking on how learning can be conducted. Previously, I thought that learning has to be done in a classroom with a teacher to pass knowledge to their students. However, I found that I was also able to learn from other students, especially in this presentation sharing, where I could learn from my busan buddies. This made me think that it is also possible to learn from our peers and share knowledge with one another instead of simply relying solely on the teacher.

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