Day 4 Reflections - Shanice

Posted by Shanice Tang at 11:40 pm

2 words to describe today's experiences
- Exhausting
- Sad

2 highlights of the day
- Project sharing with buddies. I got to present with my roommate Sophia in front of the Busan Science High School Buddies about Singapore and SST. Before the presentation, I felt really nervous but during the presentation, I realised that the students from Busan Science High School are actually really attentive and I felt more confident. Some of them even laugh at my attempts to be funny even though they were pretty lame. I loved presenting to them and hope to have more presentations in the future.
- Bulguksa Temple. Since it was autumn/winter season, the leaves were of a variety of colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, etc. The weather was chilly but it wasn't so cold such that I had to wear at least three layers of clothing. There were many beautiful photo spots and all of them were breathtaking. There was this part of the Bulguksa Temple where there were actual monks. According to our guide,  when you step into the area, you are not allowed to talk as the monks do not believe in speaking but instead through actions.

2 things I've learned about Korea
- Korea have their own stories or histories on how places in Busan came about. For example, at the Bulguksa Temple, there was this story about a man who had a temple being built and his wife came to look for him. But after waiting for many years, the wife jumped into the water which was pretty shallow and died. Later the man was told that his wife died and jumped down the same place where his wife died. Every place has there own story just like how Singapore has its own.
- The percentage of religions is quite evenly spread out. 30% Buddhist, 30% Christianity, 30% Confucius and 10% others. Meanwhile in Singapore, the majority is Buddhist.

2 things I've learned about myself
- My stamina is surprising okay. At the Seokgulam Grotta, we had a very limited amount of time there (about 30 mins), so we had to rush. We ran up to the place and just when we thought we reached the top, our guide said that there was 200 more steps. I thought it would extremely tiring but actually it was not that bad.
- I actually like shopping. I used to complain about my mom going shopping but today when we had 1 hour shopping at EMart, I bought many stuff, mainly food.

2 things I didn't do so well
- I was complaining a lot during the trip up to the tip of Seokgulam Grotta. Even though it was demanding, I should not have been saying my unhappiness out loud and have endurance instead.
- During bus rides, instead of using the time to work my reflection, I was doing other things like sleeping and daydreaming. This results in my reflections on being shallow and not containing the importance of the activities planned for today.

2 things I look forward to tomorrow
- Busan Science Center. I love going to Singapore Science Center because of its interactive exhibitions. I have heard that the science center in Busan is big and good so of course, I'll be excited to go to the Busan Science Center tomorrow.
- We'll be on the plane flight back to Singapore. I love plane flights and is looking forward to it as finally after five days, I get to go home to humid weather where my lips won't be chapped and nose all scaly due to the dry weather here in Busan.

Examples of...
Connect: During the project sharing in BSS, one of the BSS students presented about the infinitely spinning top using the concept of electromagnetic field which I have learned in Physics.

Extend: In Busan Science High School, we had project sharing. One of the presentations, the one presented by Marsha about the biorock, is a life application of chemistry about the reactivity of metals. This is an extension to what we had already learned about metals before school closed for the reactivity series and the reason why the metals react.

Challenge: One of the BSS students who will be going to Beijing for World Robotics Olympiad (congratulations!) presented about what he has researched about robots. Previously, I only thought that robots mean little human like objects that can dance and act like a human. I never knew that the self-moving vacuum cleaner was also qualified as a robot. Knowing that something I thought was just an electronic was also classified as a robot, it blew my mind.

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