Pre-Trip Reflection

Posted by Cai Zhihan 蔡之瀚 at 12:26 am

How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

  • I feel excited that I am about to embark on yet another GCP trip, after my Beijing, 2014’s interactions with Ren Da Fu Zhong and my Lombok, 2014’s case study of how ecotourism can impact the marine environment. I feel that both preceding GCP trips have satisfied their intended purpose well, and that this upcoming trip will bring many more good learning outcomes and also memories.

3 things that I am looking forward to

  • I am looking forward to the learning experiences this trip can bring upon me and my peers. This trip has a designated purpose of being more learning and less playing, and I respect the nature of the trip.

  • I am also looking forward to the interactions with peers whom I seldom communicate with in school. I hope to understand them more and from friendships through the trip.

  • Finally, I am looking forward to experiencing the culture and heritage of a foreign land. Having been to many European countries, I was barely exposed to other Asian cultures and hope to further understand s.Korea’s culture and strengths.

3 things I hope to learn from Busan/South Korea

  • I hope to learn the study habits of the students of Busan Science High School, to compel me to work harder and allow potential for higher efficiency.I hope to identify unique approaches taken by Busan to solve practical problems, providing me with a insight on how other countries solve problems faced. It will also allow me to be better prepared for the post-trip artefact/model construction project.

  • I hope to study the architecture and industries of s.Korea and relate it to issues faces past and present. This will also allow me to start the post-trip artefact/model with better efficiency.3 things I hope to learn from my friendsI hope to learn more about their past experiences in SST, such that I can identify what they have experienced and know their personality better.

  • I hope to learn time management from my peers that are doing better than myself. I believe that being exposed to them for more hours per day will allow me to observe how they manage their time.I hope to hear them share their takeaways from the trip and all of the activities.

2 things I hope to learn from myself (I really cannot think of 3)

  • I hope to learn of my mistakes and weaknesses and thus be able to counter them. Through the trip, I am sure some weaknesses will surface to myself and I will work towards tackling them.

  • I hope to learn my own capabilities better and make informed and realistic decisions throughout the trip and after. This will bring me confidence and allow me to better understand my own limits.

3 challenges I give myself

  • To take note of key details of every lesson I participate in, in Busan Science High School

  • Gain a deep understanding at least some of my peers through face to face interactions

  • To document the trip well with photos and videos of key events, such that the media information can be revisited in the future.

What are my expectations of Korea?

  • I have not many expectations of s.Korea. I hope that after the trip, my views toward the country will change and I will be impressed by something.

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