Pre-trip reflections - Janice Tan

Posted by Janice Tan Sze Hui at 9:39 pm

1) How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

I feel excited about going to Busan as I have not been there before. I am also looking forward to my learning experiences to the various industries in Busan.

2) 3 things I am looking forward to

I am anticipating the new culture that I will be exposed to in Korea, the different types of delicacies which are available and the different sightseeing areas we will be visiting where I will be able to learn many new things.

3) 3 things I am hoping to learn from Busan/ South Korea

I hope to learn how Busan High conducts their lessons, in terms of the similarities and differences from SST.
I also hope to learn the differences between Busan and Singapore and also how their transport system is like as compared to Singapore.

4) 3 things I am hoping to learn from my friends

I hope to learn more about their lives and the culture in Korea as it seems rather different. I also hope to learn about their likes, dislikes as well as their aspirations in the future.

5) 3 things I am hoping to learn about myself

I would like to see how I adaptable I will be when faced with new challenges (eg. language barrier) as well as how I will communicate with the students of a different culture. I also want to see how I will fare during the lessons in Busan High.

6) 3 challenges I give to myself

I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, get to know my schoolmates and friends more than before the trip as well as attempt to use some Korean to communicate with the Korean students.

7) What are my expectations of Korea

Busan will be a lot more technologically advanced than Singapore and the journey to different areas will be highly enjoyable and enriching.

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