Pre-Trip Reflection - Sean Koh

Posted by Sean Koh at 11:24 am

Feeling of this upcoming trip
I feel privileged to be selected by this as I see this as a good opportunity to expose myself about Korean culture. I also feel very excited as I enjoy traveling and I hope to gain more insight about Korea

3 things that I look forward to
I look forward to the food. As Singaporeans, we are all food-lovers so I hope to pamper my tongue with unique and scrumptious delicacies.

I also look forward to the interaction with Korean buddies and fellow schoolmates on this trip. I believe friendships can be built and strengthen such opportunities as people are faced with awkward and sometimes challenging situations. Through such situations, we can better develop communication skills and cross cultural understanding.

Lastly I look forward to visiting the local attractions. I am certainly interested to visit the Samsung Factory to find out how the company has become so successful and hopeful gain some invaluable insights

3 things I like to learn about Korea/Busan
I like to understand the trade system in Busan. Being one of the top trading ports internationally, I hope to understand how they trade and what allows the industry to continue thriving.

I would also like to understand the technological used in Korea. It is a well known fact that Korea has the highest internet penetration rates globally, so I hope to have a glimpse of such fast internet speeds and possibly how this internet drives the technological developments

Lastly, I would like to understand he education system in Busan Science High School. Coming from a country that heavily emphasizes on education. I like to understand how the Korea system matches or exceeds the Singaporeans system, especially the Accelerated Learning Paths in the school.

3 things I hope to learn from my friends
I hope to learn from my friends how they grasp concepts and gain understanding from learning journeys in Korea. Since all of my fellow friends are top 10% of the cohort, I hope to understand and learn how they gain knowledge and apply it effectively.

Next, I hope to learn to strengthen friendships with my fellow schoolmates. What better way to learn to build friendships than to actually do it!

Lastly, I hope that to be a better team player. Through all the trials and tribulations, I hope to contribute in every possible situation.

3 things I hope to learn about myself
I hope to learn the limitations of myself. For example, I do not consume spicy food. However, Korean food has a tendency to be spicy, so I hope I can resist the spiciness of the food and try a bit of the food.

Secondly, I hope to learn my strengths of myself. Through the many different programs and situation, I hope I can discover more hidden gifts I have and use the gifts to serve a better good.

Lastly, I hope to discover some weakness and either improve on the weakness or learn to accept the weaknesses.

Expectations of Korea
I think the few paragraphs as above explain my expectations clearly.

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