Pre-trip Reflection - Varsha

Posted by Varsha at 11:31 am

1. I feel excited and I look forward to this trip as it would be my first time going overseas to a well developed country outside of Singapore. From this trip I hope to bring back meaningful memories that I would remember for my life

2. Immersing and experiencing a new culture, their traditional practices and food - How science and technologically advancements in Busan be applied to our daily life in Singapore - What are the various aspects of science and technology there?
3. - How did Busan/South Korea become so economically developed? - How do people in Busan apply science and technology to their daily lives? - About the korean culture
4. - How do they go about their lives in South Korea? - What kind of learning approach do they use in schools? - How are they able to integrate technology effectively in their school and daily lives?
5. - Am I able to adapt to an unfamiliar situation and work together with peers? - Do I have an open mind and willing to accept things? - Am I able to reflect and apply information that I learnt while being there?
6. - Take note of as much information as possible by taking notes and pictures - Ask questions whenever I have a doubt - Ignore the language barrier and try to interact and learn more from my Buddy

7. As south korea is a well developed country and Busan being a port city relying on its shipping and trade markets, I expect it to be very similar to Singapore's economy or even better. I also expect the use of technology incorporated in the places we visit, such as the POSCO steel factory. As majority are koreans here, I believe that this would be a country which is very accustomed to its cultural practices and traditions.

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