10th November Day 2 Reflections - Chiu Chen Ning

Posted by Chiu Chen Ning at 9:08 pm

  1. 3 words to describe today's experiences
Welcoming, warm and insightful.

  1. 3 highlights of the day
I enjoyed the lessons given to us at Busan Science High school, as the supervising teachers were informative in conveying new concepts to us. Since these lessons were related to our curriculum in school, my knowledge in various science subjects was strengthened as a result. An example of this was the wireless electricity experiment, where the concepts demonstrated were similar to what we learnt in electrical circuits back in school. Next, I found the interaction I had with my buddy in Busan Science high school to be very meaningful, as we shared about our school experience and bonded over similar interests. This gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and understand how life is like in a different country/background. Finally, the cultural experience at Choongreolsal was enjoyable as well. It gave me new insights into Korean history and the unique etiquette displayed at traditional events, such as the ceremonial bows.

  1. 3 things you have learnt about Korea
I learnt that respect for elders and seniors is a very important part of Korean society, as seen in the Choongreolsal memorial where the 93 graves of those who died during the historical invasion of Busan are visited and tended to till this day. Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised with the warm welcome from the students in Busan Science High School. They created an inviting atmosphere for us while they were hosting us, and made us feel at home in a foreign school, showing the friendliness of the Koreans when receiving foreign visitors. Finally, when I asked my buddy about his school schedule, he explained that lessons often extended till nighttime and students often study past midnight as well. This showed the dedication to their studies and high standards of personal excellence that students in Busan Science High School uphold, allowing me to reflect on my work ethic and progress so far back in SST.

  1. 3 things you have learnt about yourself
Through the cultural experience at Choongreosal, I was exposed to a variety of Korean customs like their traditional Hanbok wear and the different bows to show respect. From this, I have gained an appreciation for Korean culture . Secondly, I have made new acquaintances at Busan Science High school through the lessons and interacting sessions held there. Despite the language barrier, we managed to overcome our difficulties and have an insightful conversation. Lastly, I gained new skills such as time-management and keeping track of resources from the pinball machine challenge. This team project required careful management of our manpower and prior planning in order to create a successful machine.

  1. 3 things you didn't do so well
During some of the lessons at Busan Science High School, I felt that I may have been too absorbed in my work and ended up missing out on the knowledge the teachers shared. I hope to rectify this by listening attentively to information given during future visits to other places. The notes I took during the lessons were also rather sparse and quickly written, negatively impacting my long-term retainment of the information taught. Thus, I hope to be more strategic in taking notes from now onwards to aid myself in remembering information. Finally, my team did not complete our pinball machine by the time limit during the pinball machine challenge, forcing us to submit a faulty machine. Thus, I will pay greater attention to deadlines and schedules during future projects on this trip.

  1. 3 things you look forward to tomorrow
I am excited about the Samsung-Renault Motors trip conducted tomorrow. I hope the innovative solutions to transportation and vehicles presented there can further my understanding of how technology is implemented in many aspects of Busan. Secondly, I am looking forward to meeting my buddy again in Busan Science High school. During the food-sharing session, I hope to continue our conversations and forge stronger mutual understandings. Finally, I eagerly await the visit to the Busan City Education office with a meeting with the superintendent. This will provide me with opportunities to inquire about the Korean education system and how it aids Korea's advancement in the technological age.

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