Day 1 Reflections

Posted by Min Khant Htein at 8:48 pm

Three words to describe today's experience

  • enjoyable
  • insightful
  • inspirational 

Three highlights of the day

  • BBQ Dinner at Jakgalchi Market
    -The BBQ dinner was buffet style and it was extremely fulfilling, literally and figuratively as I ate lots of meat and vegetables. There was a wide variety of food which even led me to be extremely indecisive of what to eat first.
  • Posco Steel Manufacturing Factory
    -We witnessed how huge blocks of molten steel were flattened into thin steel sheets. We could observe bursts of water vapour comes out as water was poured onto the molten steel. We also could feel the heat radiated from the slabs of molten steels as they passed by.
  • Posco Museum
    - We watched several short films showing the historical moments of the Posco Steel Factory. There were many records and artefacts related to the factory and some were from 300 BC ! We were told by the tour guide about how the Ex-president of Korea Mr Park Chung-hee didn't give up on industrialising South Korea into a self-sustainable steel industry. 

Three things you've learnt about Korea

  • Korea's steel industry had a lot of struggles in the past
    - The company was not able to get funds hence they could not start out their industry. The founders had to go through hardship to persuade oversea countries to provide them with funds.
  • Korean's dietary are mainly suited for the weather
    - I learnt that Koreans like to eat hot and spicy food which are actually very helpful for them to feel warmer in such cold weather.
  • Busan is a less busy Singapore
    - With a smaller population in Busan, the roads are less crowded with vehicles and passersby. I've yet to see a huge crowd in the city that is pretty similar to Singapore in older days, therefore I find that Busan is a city which is a less busy Singapore.

Three things you've learnt about yourself                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • I'm a meat lover
    - I, myself was surprised to find out how much amount of meat I could eat during today's dinner. I ate tonnes of various BBQ meats such as chicken, beef and pork. The well-seasoned meats sizzled on the hot pan and dissolved as I placed them in my mouth.
  • I actually love cold weather
    - Tough the weather was cold and my nose is blocked, 

Three things you didn't do so well

  • I couldn't stay awake during one of the briefings on the bus.
    - I might have missed out some of the important points given by the tour guide.
  • I should've taken written notes
    - I may not remember all the learning points, therefore I should have noted down on the notebook

Three things you look forward to tomorrow

  • Visit to Busan High School
  • Visit to experience Tea Ceremony and try out Hanbok 
  • Meeting my buddy at the High School

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