Day 1 Reflections - Janice Tan

Posted by Janice Tan Sze Hui at 7:03 pm

1) 3 words to describe today’s experiences Today's experiences were enriching as I learnt about the impact of the production of steel on Korea itself, which I did not know. It was impressive as the food here is vastly different from the food back in Singapore, and it tasted good. The experiences in POSCO were worthwhile as the time we spent was used to acquire knowledge of the steel manufacturing process which was new (making of 6 mm iron sheets from slabs). 2) 3 highlights of the day Some highlights included going to POSCO and learning how the steel industry has modernised Korea and the various equipment, such as specialised pipes unique to POSCO (pinex) and blast furnaces used to make steel from iron ore, coal and limestone. While at POSCO, I also witnessed the making of 6 mm sheets of iron from slabs which consisted of equipment rapidly cooling and shaping the molten iron which was enriching. Lastly, it will be going to Jagalchi Market to discover the tastes of the various kinds of Korean-prepared food, such as the Korean BBQ we had today, as the market is especially renowned. 3) 3 things I've learnt about Korea I have discovered that it only takes 2.3 minutes to turn the molten iron into sheets of 6 mm, which is amazing as it is so fast. I have also learnt that the steel industry of POSCO was established with the aim of modernising Korea while the economy was doing poorly and it is one of the main reasons why Korea is so well-established today. I have also learnt that there are a lot more men than women in Korea, which I did not know about. 4) 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself I have understood that I need to pay greater attention when I do not quite understand the explanations which are given out. I have also learnt that I can eat some spicy food, which I initially thought I was not going to be able to cope with as it would be really spicy. I also learnt that I could adapt to the new surroundings, such as the cold weather in Busan. 5) 3 things you didn’t do so well I could have asked more questions to clarify my doubts when I was not that sure. I could have ben more responsive to the teachers. I could have purposefully moved nearer to the speaker when I could not see what he/she was talking about or hear it. 6) 3 things you look forward to tomorrow I hope to find out more about my buddy by learning more about her schooling and personal life in Korea. I hope to get to know more about the different club activities that Busan High has which SST does not, as I am sure it will be a great experience. I am anticipating the lessons in Busan High as it will be rather different from SST's, which I am used to.

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