Pre-trip Reflection Min Khant Htein

Posted by Min Khant Htein at 6:46 pm

How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

I feel very excited to experience the different culture and practices in South Korea. Since this is my first time visiting Korea I feel extremely thrilled about the trip.

3 things that I am looking forward to

  • Korean food and culture
    - As I fancy Korean food to a large extent, I can't wait to try out various local food in Busan. With the K-Wave across the whole globe, the Korean culture is also a huge interest for me.
  • Busan High School
    - We were told that the high school that we will be visiting is the SST version of school in Busan. Hence, I am quite excited to see how the school integrates the use of technology in their learning.
  • Visits to various places of interest
    - As mentioned above, since this is my first ever visit to Korea, I'm really looking forward to visiting various places such as Posco Museum, the Posco Steel Manufacturing factory and the Seafood Market. 

3 things I hope to learn from Busan/South Korea

  • The transport system of Busan
    - As my group is focusing on the problems that Singapore's transportation system faces, I hope to learn more about the pros and cons of Busan's transportation system.
  • The education system in Busan
    - I wish to find out more about the education system in Busan and paths that are available for students in the country.
  • How different/ indifferent is the Busan High School from our school
    - As mentioned above, the school is similar to SST, hence I hope to learn how similar the two schools are; in terms of students, staffs, cirriculums, etc...

3 challenges I give myself

  • Learn as much as I can
    - As this is a once in a life time opportunity to visit various places in Busan, I should be absorbing as much information as possible in order to have a productive trip.
  • Learn and appreciate the difference in the lifestyle in Busan and Singapore
    - I should be able to learn what are some of the things that I might have been taking for graunteed in my life be able to appreciate them.
  • Be open minded, Be curious
    - I should be open minded in order to accept or try new things that I haven't experienced before, only then I will be able to learn a lot of things from this trip. I should also be filled with curoisty in order for me to think and wonder more deeply, only then I will ask more questions and learn more things.

What are my expectations of Korea?

I am really expecting nice weather, nice and gentle Koreans and really nice food and also hoping that it would give me a opportunity to learn new things and improve my personal vales in life.

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