Day 1 reflections - Javier Yeo

Posted by Javier Yeo at 6:40 pm

1) 3 words to describe today’s experiences

Loud, spicy, captivating

2) 3 highlights of the day

Going to the Posco metal works was amazing. We got to see how a thick slab of metal is turned into a thin sheet of metal. The sounds of the machines rolling and flattening the metal were very loud and we could feel the heat from the metal slab. The Posco museum was very informational. Many ancient artifacts like a very large cast iron rice pot that could feed 300 people were there and we watched a movie that explained a lot about Posco's founding and building. When we went to the Jagalchi market, we saw many different types of seafood and tried to eat them. The tastes and textures were very different then we are used to and we really enjoyed them. There was a lot of spicy food too.

3) 3 things you’ve learnt about Korea

In the past, Korea had difficulty setting up its steel industry as many kooreans were not interested in using steel that much. But through much hardship, korea had made itself a successful steel industry. Now, Korea has patented "Finex" which is a more efficient way to produce iron than the blast furnace. Korea has the largest blast furnace in the world. Korea's steel industry exports 48% of the steel to other countries and the other 52% is for domestic purposes. With these advances, Korea's economy will continue to grow and expand.

4) 3 things you’ve learnt about yourself

I learnt that my limits of tolerence for spicy food is higher than I thought. I have also learnt that I have a lower tolerence to the cold than I thought, so I realy need to cover up more. I have learnt that I still need to talk to my friends more to get to know them.

5) 3 things you didn’t do so well

I could have been more attentive to what the tour guide, Mr Brian, was saying. I could have also tried takedown more notes in my handphone or my notebook. I could have also tried to talk to my friends more and get to know them better.

6) 3 things you look forward to tomorrow

I will be looking forward to interacting and talking to my friends more and getting to know them better. I will also be looking forward to meeting the teachers, students and the principal of the Busan science high school. I hope I can see my buddy from two years ago.

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