Pre trip reflection - Javier Yeo

Posted by Javier Yeo at 6:36 pm

1) How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

This is my second time going to Korea and I am really looking forward to it. I hope to see more news things than I saw last time. This time I will make sure I will have enough sleep on the plane so that I will not be dazed like the last time

2) 3 things I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to all the seafood at the Jagalchi market, many of which I have never seen or tasted before. I will also be looking forward to meeting my Korean buddy for the first time. I have also heard that the food there is more delicious than the Korean restaurants here in Singapore

3) 3 things I am hoping to learn from Busan/ South Korea

Since my project is mainly focusing on SMRT breakdowns and how to improve them, I will be looking out for how to make more efficient motors at the Samsung. I will also be looking out for making stronger, lighter steel that can be used for the MRT train frame to make them lighter and faster at POSCO. I also hope to learn more about Korean culture and their lifestyle

4) 3 things I am hoping to learn from my friends

I do not know most of the people on this trip as we are in different classes and I don't really interact with them much. So, on this trip I am hoping to learn more about their interests, ambitions and hobbies.

5) 3 things I am hoping to learn about myself

I hope that I can learnt more about my inter personal skills and communicating with other people. I also hope to learn about more ways I can help people.

6) 3 challenges I give to myself

In Singapore I am surrounded by many cuisines that have some level of spiciness and I cannot really eat spicy food without having my tough on fire, So i hope I can try to get more used to spicy food b trying spicy Korean dishes. I am not really good at remembering peoples names, especially if I only seen them once or twice. So, I want to try to remember all of the students names on this trip.

7) What are my expectations of Korea

I expect Korea to be be very bustling and people moving at a fast pace, Much like Singapore. But I also expect to Korea to have a very rich culture embedded in their society.

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