Pre-trip Reflection - Sophia Miyuki Ho

Posted by Sophia Miyuki (松岡美雪) at 8:59 pm

How do you feel about the upcoming trip?

  1. I've never been to Korea before and I'm excited to meet the people and experience the culture. 
3 Things that I am looking forward to
  1. Learning New Things (gaining insight on Korean culture and Technology)
  2. Meeting my buddy (comparing school pedagogy Busan vs SST) 
  3. Eating the food
3 Things I hope to learn from Busan/South Korea
  1. Insight on Korean Culture and advancements in Technology
  2. School pedagogy of Busan Science High School
  3. What Koreans usually do
3 Things I hope to learn from my friends (buddy?)
  1. His/Her daily routine
  2. What kind of subjects they learn, what they're learning now
  3. What kind of homework they have
  4. His/her hobbies, aspirations
3 Things I hope to learn about myself
  1. Whether I could adapt to Korean life
  2. How fast I can adapt to changes in lifestyle
  3. How well I could get along with people who's first language is different from mine.
3 Challenges I give myself
  1. To make new friends and form close ties
  2. To understand the ramifications of my actions
  3. Be independent and responsible
What are my expectations of Korea?
  1. Cold weather but Warm people
  2. Advanced technology use
  3. Urban architectural design

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