Pre-Trip Reflections - Shanice

Posted by Shanice Tang at 9:00 pm

1. How do feel about the upcoming trip?
- I feel excited as I have never travelled to Busan before and this is going to be a wonderful and enriching experienced. Also, something about countries with winter seasons is just so interesting as we can't experience it in Singapore.

2. 3 Things that I am looking forward to
- The plane ride
- Korean food
- Pretty cool weather

3. 3 Things I hope to learn from Busan/South Korea
- Their celebrations
- Their culture
- Their technology

4. 3 Things I hope to learn from my friends
- Their daily routine
- Their favourite things
- Hobbies

5. 3 Things I hope to learn about myself
- How responsible I am
- My level of thinking
- How sociable I am when meeting new people

6. 3 Challenges I give myself
- Present confidently
- Not to freeze to death
- Know all GCP mates by their name before coming back to Singapore

7. What are my expectations of Korea?
- Nice people who are willing to help.
- Spicy food, lots and lots of them. Hopefully not too spicy for me :P

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