Pre Trip Reflections - Cheryl Tan

Posted by Cheryl Tan Cai Hui at 9:21 pm

1. I feel excited as I get to travel to Busan and learn the new culture and lifestyle when I am there.

2. (a) The visit to POSCO and Samsung Motors
    (b) The learning experience with the Busan Science High School students.
    (c) The Korean food

3. (a) The daily lives of the people living in Busan
    (b) How do they manage to continue to innovate their technology
    (c) The difference between Busan's and Singapore's architectural sector.

4. (a) How are the lessons like?
    (b) New knowledge on Science and Technology
    (c) Their hobbies

5. (a) How do I cope under pressure from the language barrier
    (b) Ability to think quickly to solve issues in Korea
    (c)Ability to socialise with others

6. (a) Learn a new thing from everywhere we go.
    (b) Able to communicate with the buddies easily
    (c) Finish the project (at least 90%) before the end of the trip.

7. I expect Korea to be cold and windy, and their technology to be advanced. Hopefully, there could be special designs for houses in Busan for our project.

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