Pre-Trip Reflection Roy Tay

Posted by Roy Tay at 9:27 pm

How do you feel about the upcoming trip?
I feel excited to experience the new environment and culture in Busan.

3 things I am looking forward to
I look forward to experiencing the food and culture in Busan, learning about the technology and architecture in Busan, and to make new friends.

3 things I hope to learn from Busan
I hope to learn from Busan their way of life, the technology they use there, and also their architecture.

3 things I hope to learn from my friends
I hope to learn the ways they manage their time in the hectic student life in Busan, their interests, and their way of life as a local.

3 things I hope to learn about myself
How well I can converse with friends of different countries, how well I could adapt to a different culture, and how am I able to make new friends from a different country and culture.

3 challenges I give myself
I challenge myself to make friendships in Busan, try new cuisine, and gain a better understanding of the way of life in Korea and their culture in general.

What are my expectations of Korea?
I expect Korea to be a country that is more technologically advanced than Singapore with people who are warm and welcoming.

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