Pre-Trip Reflection - Lim Xin Yi Sammi

Posted by sammi lim at 9:28 pm

I feel privileged and excited to go for this Global Citizenship Programme. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to gain new knowledge.
The 3 things that I hope to learn from this trip would be how Busan (or Korea) use infuse science and technology into their industries to further improve their standing in the world, Korea's culture (via the visit of the UNESCO sites as well as through interaction with our Korean buddies), and also understand how the transport system in Busan (or Korea) works to cater a huge volume of commuters. I am looking forward to visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meeting my Korean buddies, and also the visits to the POSCO museum and factory as well as the APEC house.
I hope to learn from my friends in terms of being independent while we are overseas, away from our family (to be responsible for our own belongings and well-being). Also, I hope to learn certain aspects of them that may be useful in my own learning in Busan.
Through this trip, I also wish that I am able to better understand myself in terms of my study and working habits and also broaden my perspective on Busan in terms of its economy, education system, and also its transport system. This way, I can better understand what challenges Busan face and the solutions they provide. We will hence be able to apply this knowledge to Singapore's growing challenges as well.
The challenges that I give myself would be for me to learn as much as I can while I am in Busan, try to apply this knowledge to Singapore's context, and also to be independent while I am on my own.
I believe that Korea (Busan, specifically) would be a place that would give me a bird's eye view of the current standing that Korea is at in terms of its economy, education system, transport system, etc. It would broaden my perspective on Korea in many aspects. I know that Korea will have a very beautiful scenery and would be a fun place to explore, but in the midst of all that, it will be a place rich in culture and knowledge.

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